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Howard College 

Volume XXV 




Among us there is a man famous in many pro- 
fessions — for his music, compositions, artistry, and 
professorship. No idle boast for Professor Paul de 
Launay possesses as rewards, the title of 'Officer 
d'Academie, the Grand Prix, and First Prize, from 
Paris Society of Artists. He is the recipient of prizes 
from contests in music and art. A publishing house 
in London, England, has introduced many of his 
compositions for piano, voice, organ, and chamber 
music. Born and educated in Paris, France, the son 
of an American Baptist minister, Professor de 
Launay has served Howard College in the capacity 
of director of music and art and professor of French 
since the year of 1919. The many graduates will 
always have a pleasant memory of marching down 
the aisle to the sweet strains from the mighty organ, 
rendered by the master hands of our beloved pro- 
fessor. To the composer of Howard's Alma Mater, 
our French and music professor, we deign to dedicate 
the Entre Nous of 1939, to Professor Paul de 




♦ ♦ 





AIN, Ethiopia, Science Hall, and Sherman Oak, these 
are the views which make up Howard College. Then we see 
the familiar faces of our Professors in the registrar's office 
reporting the absences of those students who unfortunately 
failed to attend classes. Dean Burns and Dr. Chapman off 
together for lunch; Mrs. Griffith with that ever-willing atti- 
tude; Dr. Brakefield hearing from his many students; Dr. 
Thomas always attending his classes, and then we see Pro- 
fessor Causey giving of his valuable time to students who 
think they have a problem which cannot be solved. Then 
our last peep is in the library, where we see many of the 
faculty members, and students, relaxing while reading some 
of the works from Aristotle, Shakespeare, or maybe an article 
on the world problem of today — this is college life. 




Since June, 1932, Dr. T. V. Neal has served 
Howard College as president. During this 
term the college has been beset by difficulties, 
and has also had its share of prosperity. De- 
spite the depression the Science Hall has been 
completed, the library has been remodeled, en- 
larged, and refurnished, and several sorority 
lodges erected. Dr. Neal has sent in his resig- 
nation to take effect June 30, 1939. His 
friends hope that his new work may give full 
scope to his characteristic energy, and resource- 






He is the modern interpreter of Shakespeare, 
who through his own knowledge and under- 
standing of this genius, implants within his 
students the desire to obtain for themselves a 
like knowledge and understanding of Shakes- 
peare. It is a privilege to be enrolled as a 
member of his overflowing classes and to par- 
take of his graciously offered information and 
wisdom. He is tolerant of the misdemeanors 
of others but a strict taskmaster to himself in 
his own efforts in building and enlarging the 
scope of learning for his students. May the 
students who have rested under your influence 
and tutelage repay their debt of gratitude to 
you by living a richer and more useful life! 



Mrs. Obenchain besides being an advisor of 
girls finds time to teach several courses in 
Sociology. There the many students hear one 
who is vitally interested in the welfare of our 
fellow man. After hearing these lectures we 
can easily understand why she is a Dean of 
Women. Mrs. Obenchain gives advice to 
many girls in an understanding way, helping 
to solve their many problems. We see Mrs. 
Obenchain in many different phases of college 
life: hurrying to her class room to impart 
knowledge; back to her office to advise some 
bewildered student; and a gracious hostess at 
some afternoon tea. She is an epitaph that any 
young girl should be. She is a model worthv 
of imitation by the young women of Howard 






From left to right: Prof. Winthrop Kelley, 
teacher of dramatics and director of plays . . . 
Dr. Edward Rietz, chemistry professor . . . Dr. 
Warren Fulton Abercrombie, associate professor 
of biology . . . Dr. H. M. Acton, instuctor of 
Romance Languages. Second Row: Dean P. P. 
Burns, who besides his duties as dean teaches 

classes in Literature . . . Prof. Louis Lohr, teacher 
of economics and treasurer of the college . . . 
Prof. Oscar S. Causey, Dean of Education and 
professor of Education . . . Dr. George Irons, 
professor of history . . . Jim Stuart, ex-Freshman 
football coach and newly appointed assistant to 
Coach Bancroft and head basketball coach. 

This lovely view looking east over the 
Howard Campus displays the campus in its 
full splendor. Renfro Hall, the boys' 
dormitory, is seen at the left, and just 

above, with the stately columns, is Riley 
Hall. At the extreme right, is seen the 
age-old Sherman Oak, which has almost be- 
come a tradition at Howard. 



Main Building is the center of all admin- 
istrative and most of the student activity. 
The most interesting place on the campus 
is the lobby of Main, where can be seen 

professors and students chatting between 
classes. The walls of Main have given hap- 
piness to the students down through the 
years at Howard. 



Left to Right. First Row: Miss Grace Wilson, 
director of Women's Athletics . . . Dr. Oliver 
Sorosi, Professor of Economics . . . Coach Bill 
Bancroft, director of athletics . . . Professor Max- 
well Lancaster, instructor of French, advanced 
courses in Spanish and South American Literature 
. . . Second Row: Mr. E. H. Wrenn, Jr., Busi- 
ness Manager . . . Dr. William S. Vance, profes- 

sor of English Literature and composition . . . 
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bohannon, Prof. Bohannon 
teaches Psychology and Mrs. Bohannon teaches 
German and Education . . . Third Ron: Mr. 
Lewis Guenther, Registrar . . . Dr. Claude B. 
Miller, instructor in Bible . . . Dr. Paul Bales, 
physics teacher . . . Dan Snell, Freshman Foot- 
ball Coach and head Baseball Coach. 


Fint Ron: Miss Martha Huggins, Instructor in 
Speech and Freshman English . . . Dr. William 
N Thomas, instructor of Greek and Latin . . . 
Miss Jessie Mae Gill, assistant Pharmacy in- 
structor . . . Dr. Paul de Launav. instructor in 
Art. Music and French. Second Ron Miss 
Alida Townes. instructor in Art . . . Senor John 

Rogers, professor of Spanish and publicity direc- 
tor of the college . . . Mrs. I. R. Ohenchain. Dean 
of Women and instructor in Sociology. Third 
Ron: Dr. George W. Hess, instructor of Mathe- 
matics . . . Dr. James K. Greer, head of the His- 
tory Department . . . Dr. J. L. Brakeheld. Vice- 
President of the college and instructor of Biology. 

The Science Hall, a familiar landmark on 
the campus, contains departments pertain- 
ing to this field of study. They are the 
Pharmacy, Physics, Chemistry, and Biol- 

ogy Departments. There is also a small 
auditorium where outstanding lecturers 
speak; moving pictures, slides, and speci- 
mens are shown to the students of science. 



I\ 111 1IOICI1M 


The passing of Harold Dunnam C'38, is here- 
in commemorated by his many friends in this 
final tribute. During his undergraduate days 
his scholastic abilities were acknowledged by 
his election to the professional educational 
honor fraternity, the Kappa Phi Kappa, and 
by his election to Who's Who Among Stu- 
dents in American Universities and Colleges. 
In following Shakespeare's "Four Stages of 
Man's Life," he as editor of the 1938 Entre 
Nous, made a pleasing success of his endeav- 
ors. Since his graduation from Howard Col- 
lege he had been confined to his home in 
serious illness, which led to his decease on 
January 30, 1939. 


i HE four following classes represented are the 
Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen. On 
these pages are listed their honors presented to them 
during their student days at Howard College. The 
classes consist of various types of students, the honor 
student and those less gifted with knowledge and 
initiative. The beauties rest side by side with the 
beast. We present them to you in their entire 



O F F 1 C 


R S 

Lafayette Walker 


Herman Hodges 

1 'ice-President 

Ernesiini 1 IK \s 


I'm in Ruth Ism 1 1 


First Ko» : Ht'iuv Anderton , Hal Bennett, Looney 
Bentley, John Otha Black. Second Ron Ben 

Browdv Klmer Brumon Margaret Burford, Homer 

( .it lisle. / hini How: James Carter, Charles Clark, 

Elizabeth Coffey, I aniei De I.orme. lomth #.»» . 

'ombroM 1 \V Fadelv. Ralph Field. Joe 



Henry Anderton — Sigma Nu. A man about 
the campus. His activities are varied and his 
honors profuse. Space limits our listing all his 
honors. So here are a few. Who's Who Among 
Students in American Universities and Colleges, 
Editor of Bull Pup, Assistant Editor of Entre 
Nous, Student Council, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 
May Day Honor Court, Crimson Staff, and 
Ushers Club. See the editor for further honors. 

• Hal Bennett — Hal hails from Hartselle 
with a magnetic voice when it comes to sway- 
ing his audiences, and capturing all the honors 
that Howard offers. He was elected to Who's 
Who Among Students in American Universities 
and Colleges, Trident, May Day Honor Court, 
Assistant Editor of Crimson, Ministerial Associ- 
ation, and B. S. U. Council. Hal, we'll have the 
rest of your honors printed later. • Looney 
Dodd Bentley — Delta Zeta. The red haired 
president of the Delta Zeta's. She is a local lass 
who knows her way about. Member Booklovers, 
Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, W. A. A., President Pan- 
Hellenic, and Chairman of May Day. • John 
Otha Black — John will long be remembered as 
the friendly mail carrier for the Howard stu- 
dents and faculty. He was Vice-President Mis- 
sion Band, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, a member of 
the Glee Club, College Choir, and a member of 
the Ministerial Association. From Decatur, Ala. 

• Ben Browdy — Ben finds his "goal" in bas- 
ketball. Member of the "H" Club, and basket- 
ball. Birmingham, Alabama. • Elmer Brun- 
son — Elmer is a distinguished member of the 
Ministerial Association and Glee Club. Elba, 
Alabama. • Margaret Burford — A petite 
blonde who has set about making a name for 
Howard as well as herself. She was elected to 
Who's Who Among Students in American Uni- 
versities and Colleges, May Day Honor Court, 
Entre Nous Staff, Student Council, Gail Patrick 
Cup, Masquers, Beauty Parade, and Cheer Leader. 
Birmingham, Alabama. • Homer Carlisle— 
A Kappa Psi and a student of Pharmacy. Homer 
comes from Alexander City, Alabama. • 

James Carter — Jimmy is one of those boys who 
helped to make the Bulldogs famous on the 
gridiron. He is a member of the "H" Club and 
hails from Mobile. • Charles Clark — Sigma 
Nu. He is the reason why so many students 
quit college — they can't compete with such intel- 
ligence. He was voted the most intellectual in 
the Who's Who contest. Elected to Who's Who 
Among Students in American Colleges and Uni- 
versities, a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, Chi 
Alpha Sigma, Masquers, Scholarship Day, Busi- 
ness Manager of the Bull Pup, Ushers C!ub 
and Trident. Wetumpka, Alabama. • Eliza- 
beth Coffey — Elizabeth besides being a part of 
the Science Hall was a member of the Crimson 
Staff, Assistant Editor of the Freshman Edition 
of the Crimson, and Society Editor of the Entre 
Nous. Birmingham, Alabama. • Lanier de 
Lorme — He squires the girls around when he 
isn't assisting in the Biology Lab. or taking exer- 
cises, a Pre-Med. Student, and member of Alpha 
Epsilon. Birmingham, Alabama. • Israel 
Dombrow — Israel is one of those quiet boys you 
never know is around until it comes to making 
the grades. Birmingham, Alabama. • L. W. 
Fadely — Pi Kappa Alpha. L. W. is an orator if 
there ever was one. A member of Delta Kappa, 
Kappa Psi, and is a Pharmacy major practicing 
in Dad's drugstore. • Ralph Feild — Words 
fail us. Ralph with a pleasing personality has 
won all the honors that a college could offer to 
such a promising student. He has been presi- 
dent of all three of his classes and president of 
the Student Body his fourth year, Vice-President 
of the State B. S. U, President Y. M. C. A., 
member of Masquers, Glee Club, Ushers Club, 
International Relations Club, Trident, and elected 
to Who's Who Among Students in American 
I 'Diversities and Colleges. Decatur, Alabama. • 
Joe Gann — A blond sheik for the girls and .1 
good and faithful football player for the coaches. 
Joe, debonair 111 all tilings, is a member o\ the 

"H" Club, and Baseball team. Birmingham, 

I :•> 1 

First AVn : Dewey Harper, John E, Harris. Emily 
Hess, Virginia Hess. Second Ron : Herman Hod^e.s, 
Harlev Hopkin.v Richard Hudson. Lawrence Hughes 

third Rtm ; Fannie Cieor^e Hurtt, Arnunda Howell, 

Ellen Ruth Ubell, Avereti Jacks, Fourth M«>» : 
Geneva Jacobs. Frances Johnson. Joe Jordan, Maitha 

Dewey Harper — Dewey is a very industrious 
student who tends strictly to his own business 
gaining worthwhile knowledge from his classes. 
Montevallo, Alabama. • John E. Harris — 
Sigma Nu. An Auburn transfer and a Phar- 
macy student. A member of Kappa Psi. From 
Montgomery, Alabama. • Emily Hess — Emily 
with her charming smile and host of honors has al- 
ready gone out into the world to impart some of the 
Math that she has learned while at Howard. 
She was president of Hypatia, a member of Book- 
lovers, International Relations Club, Chi Delta 
Phi, vice-president and secretary-treasurer of the 
Women's Student Covernment, Honor Roll, Glee 
Club, and Beauty Parade. Birmingham, Ala- 
bama. • Virginia Hess — Virginia and Emily 
might be called twins in that both have captured 
most all the honors at Howard. Virginia with 
her kind spirit and friendliness was tapped for 
Hypatia, president of Booklovers' Club, a mem- 
ber of the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Women's Stu- 
dent Government, Beta Pi Theta, International 
Relations Club and the Honor Roll. Birming- 
ham, Alabama. • Herman Hodges — Herman 
might well be called a "football hero" in that 
he won much distinction as Captain of the team. 
He has won further recognition by being elected 
to Who's Who Among Students in American 
Universities and Colleges, vice-president of the 
Senior Class, and a member of the "H" Club. 
From Geneva, Alabama. • Harley Hopkins 
— Harley has won honor for himself as well as 
Howard in helping carry the pigskin across the 
goal for four years. He is a member of the 
"H" Club, being president his Senior year, and 
a member of the Economics Club. Hueytown, 
Alabama. • Richard Hudson — Richard comes 
from Grand Bay and is quiet in word and 
thought. He is a member of the Ministerial As- 
sociation, Y. M. C. A., and Glee Club. Law- 
rence Hughes — Lawrence is another of those 
students who spends the greatest part of his time 
as assistant in Physics Lab. but still has time 
to attend chapel and excel in "Campus Courses." 
Nice going I should say. He has shown out- 
standing ability in being president of the Physical 
Society for two years. Birmingham, Alabama. 
• Fannie George Hurtt — Students will long 

remember Fannie George for her untiring efforts 
given to the many students in the library. She 
was tapped for Hypatia, vice-president Booklovers 
Club, Chairman Freshman Comm. Y. W. C. A., 
vice-president B. S. U. Council, President Beta 
Pi Theta, and member International Relations 
Club. Her smile and friendly disposition are 
among her assets. Irondale, Alabama. • Ar- 
minda Howell — Beta Phi Alpha. She has lived 
a full college life. President of Y. W. C. A., a 
member of Booklovers Club, member of W. A. 
A., member of Women's Student Government, 
member of B. S. U. Council, awarded French 
prize from French Government, Howard repre- 
sentative to the Birmingham Youth Council, Beau- 
ty Parade, Sorority Editor Entre Nous, Editor- 
in-Chief Entre Nous, and elected to Who's Who 
Among Students in American Universities and 
Colleges. Birmingham, Alabama. • Ellen 
Ruth Isbell — Words fail us again. A heroine 
to the football heroes is "Miss Howard." Ellen 
Ruth is a member of Hypatia, Beauty Section, 
treasurer Senior Class, May Day Honor Court, 
Chairman May Day, Treasurer Sophomore Class, 
President W. A. A., Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, elected 
to Who's Who Among Students in American 
Universities. She is a blond Diana with a smile 
for all. From Columbiana, Alabama. • Aver- 
ett Jacks — He is a treasurer of Kappa Psi and 
a student of Pharmacy, practicing in Dad's drug- 
store. Birmingham, Alabama. • Geneva Ja- 
cobs — Alpha Delta Pi. Geneva after attending 
Ward Belmont, and the University of Chatta- 
nooga decided to make Howard her Alma Mater. 
She is a member of Y. W. A. and Y. W. C. A. 
From Monteagle, Tennessee. • Frances John- 
son — Phi Mu. One of the Howard beauties does 
not fulfill the old saying, "Beautiful but dumb," 
as she is a member of the Dormitory Council, 
Y. W. A., and the B. S. U. Council. From 
Oxford, Alabama. • Joe Jordan — Pi Kappa 
Alpha. The blond Pi K. A. transfer from Spring- 
field College is a member of Kappa Psi. From 
Mobile, Alabama. • Mrs. TlLFORD Junkens 
— Formerly Martha Wilborn, a popular miss 
about the campus was a member of Booklovers 
Club, Glee Club, International Relations Club 
and Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Birmingham, Alabama. 

/ ir.r A'.'»* . Nasnm Kellum, St'* at J Kerr, Maude 
Krouc, A V. Lynch Second Row: Eros Langston, 
Dorothy Locked, W A I ane, Ernestine I ucas 

/ /mi/ /Vo» : Janice Macon . Mary Malonc I ei oj 

May field, Louise McConnell. Fourth Row: Mar) 

Virginia McGinty, Almedia Newman, Lincoln New- 
man, Kdward Nolen. 



Nasom Kellum — Theta Kappa Nu. Nason 
came all the way from Shaw, Miss., to attend 
Howard. He is a member of Kappa Psi and 
President of the Men's Pan-Hellenic Council. • 
Seward Kerr — Pi Kappa Alpha. Seward be- 
lieved in taking some of the honors that there 
were in store for him. He is a member of Delta 
Kappa, the Crimson Staff, Y. M. C. A. Council, 
and the International Relations Club. From 
Piedmont, Alabama. • Maude Krout — Alpha 
Delta Theta. A Dietetics major and a transfer 
from the University of Alabama. President of 
the Dietetics Club and a member of the Y. W. 
C. A. Cabinet. Maude comes from Brent, Ala- 
bama. • A. V. Lynch — A. V. is the boy with the 
big brown eyes who is a transfer from Auburn. 
He hails from Ashland, Alabama. • Eros 
Langston — Alpha Lambda Tau. Eros has dis- 
tinguished himself among the students as a leader 
on the campus. He is a member of the Ministerial 
Association, Vice-President of the Student Body, 
and Business Manager of the Crimson. From 
Bessemer, Alabama • Dorothy Lockett — 
Alpha Delta Pi. Dorothy, one of the Howard 
beauties, is lovely to look at and soothing to hear. 
She is President of A. D. Pi, a member Y. W. 
C. A., Pi Gamma Mu, Women's Pan-Hellenic, 
May Day Honor Court, and voted as beauty in 
Who's Who Among Students. Birmingham, Ala- 
bama. • W. A. Lane— W. A. is a "shark" 
when it comes to working in Biology Lab. He 
is a member of the Ministerial Association and 
the International Relations Club. From Elba, 
Alabama. • Ernestine Lucas — Ernestine, one 
of the lovely coeds on the Howard campus, has 
received her share of honors, being Vice-President 
of W. A. A., Secretary of the Senior Class, 
Y. W. C A. Cabinet, Booklovers Club, Beta Pi 
Theta, Beauty Parade, and May Day Honor 
Court. From Birmingham, Alabama. • JANICE 
Macon — Alpha Delta Theta. The "tiny" little 
girl who has been very active as Secretary, 
Treasurer and Historian of A. D. Theta, Sec- 

retary of the Sophomore Pharmacy Class, a 
member of the Dormitory Council, Women's 
Pan-Hellenic Council, and Y. W. A. Janice 
comes from Mobile, Alabama. • Mary Malone 
— Delta Zeta. Mary is the D. Z. who really 
enjoys life making the most of her days 
at Howard. She is a member of Booklovers Club, 
Y. W. C. A., and W. A. A. From Birmingham, 
Alabama. • Leroy Mayfield — Leroy, a quiet 
student who made the most of his time, was 
elected into membership in the Economics Club 
for his scholastic ability and interest in this field. 
From Gardendale, Alabama. • Louise Mc- 
Connell — Alpha Delta Pi. Louise is another 

A. D. Pi beauty who in her quiet way has gained 
many honors in college, having among them — 
President Women's Student Government, member 
Pan-Hellenic Council, Y. W. C. A., Parade Com- 
mittee, and appeared in the Beauty Section. Bir- 
mingham, Alabama. • Mary Virginia Mc- 
Cinty — This popular coed hails from Lovick, and 
has many varied activities. Some are: Sponsor 
Howard-Southern game, Vice-President Dormitory 
Council, a member of the Glee Club, Y. W. A., 

B. S. U. Council, Bull Pup staff. • Almedia 
Newman — She is as neat as she is conscientious, 
and as conscientious as she is wise. One whom 
the Gods smiled on. She is a member of the 
Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Treasurer of Booklovers 
Club and Treasurer of Y. W. C. A. From Cull- 
man, Alabama. • Lincoln Newman — Lin- 
coln is a worthy member of the Ministerial As- 
sociation, who has achieved many honors, and in 
turn served the college in many capacities. He 
was elected to Trident, member of the Student 
Council, Glee Club, and President of the Minis- 
terial Association. Birmingham, Alabama. • 
Edward Nolen — Pi Kappa Phi,. Ed is one ot 
those pleasant Pi K. Phi's who is an Auburn 
transfer. He is a member of Men's Pan-Hellenic 
and Intramural Sports Committee. From Alex- 
ander City, Alabama. 


Firtl Row: Corle) Odom, Edwin Ory, I .if-av.ii 
Pair, Leonard Parker. Second R<>» . Marguerite 

Payne, Winifred Petersen. Dudley Pnckett. Jimmie 

Redd. / hirj fftn ; Joe Rezmk. Joe Bert Renfroe, 

Barbara Robinson, Carlos Radford. Fourth Rowi 
Nathan Schenkcr. Walter Schwantes. Ravmond 
Scroggiiu, Xelma Self. Carl Shaddtx. 


Corley Odom — President of the Alpha Epsilon 
Delta and an honor roll student. His studies in- 
clude Pre-Med. subjects. From Irondale, Ala- 
bama. • Edwin Ory — Edwin is a part of the 
institution called the Science Hall, spending 
many hours there. He is treasurer of Alpha Ep- 
silon Delta and a member of the band. From 
Fort Payne, Alabama. • LaFawn Pair — La 
Fawn, a gentleman and student of science, has 
shown his ability as a leader, being elected Presi- 
dent of Kappa Psi. He hails from Sequatchie, 
Tennessee. • Leonard Parker — Leonard jour- 
neyed all the way from Pensacola, Florida, to 
attend dear old Howard, which he will call his 
Alma Mater. • Marguerite Payne — Mar- 
guerite has shown much ability while on the cam- 
pus at Howard, and also as a musician, when 
it comes to playing the cello. We have great 
hopes for this young lady in the future. She 
is Secretary of the Women's Student Government, 
Secretary of Y. W. C. A., a member of Book- 
lovers Club, International Relations Club, and W. 
A. A. From Birmingham, Alabama. • Win- 
nifred Petersen — She dabbles in the arts and 
makes a success of her hobbies. She is a member 
of Chi Delta Phi, Crimson Staff, Y. W. C. A., 
Glee Club, Vice-President Booklovers Club, re- 
porter International Relations Club. Birming- 
ham, Ala. • Dudley Prickett — Dudley came 
to Howard last year from Berry College. He 
has won many friends while at Howard, especially 
among the blondes. He is a member of the Min- 
isterial Association, Glee Club and Band. He 
hails from Gadsden, Ala. • Jimmie Redd — 
You see his smile and then you see him. Head 
cheerleader that will be hard to replace. He does 
your thinking for you when you are sweating over 

your schedule. Besides holding the office of head 
cheerleader several times he was a member of the 
International Relations Club. Birmingham, Ala- 
bama. • Joe Reznik — Joe is a "wizard" when 
it comes to Economics. He is Secretary-Treasurer 
of the Economics Club, and a member of the 
International Relations Club. From Birmingham, 
Ala. • Joe Bert Renfro — Joe is the boy who 
can either be found in Physics Lab. or helping on 
the stage in Main, for one of those grand per- 
formances. He is a member of Masquers, and 
Secretary of the Physical Society. Birmingham, 
Alabama. • Barbara Robinson — Barbara pos- 
sesses the de Launay medal in music and has par- 
ticipated in piano concerts. She is a member of 
the Dormitory Council and Y. W. A. From 
Double Springs, Alabama. • Carlos Radford — 
Another of the worthy members of the Ministerial 
Association, and Glee Club. From Haleyville, 
Ala. • Nathan Schenker— A football hero 
who made the All-Dixie team twice and the honor 
roll; also a member of the "H" Club. From 
Cleveland, Ohio. • Walter Schwantes — 
Walter is another one of those kind library assist- 
ants who will long be remembered. He is a mem- 
ber of the Economics Club. From Birmingham, 
Ala. • Raymond Scroggins — Raymond is one 
of those ministerial students who quietly but firmly 
stands up for what he believes. He is President 
of the Ministerial Association; President Inter- 
national Relations Club; a member of the Glee 
Club Trident, and Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. From 
Birmingham, Alabama. • Zelma Self — Zelma, 
a very conscientious and zealous student has ac- 
complished much as a leader of young people. 
She hails from Baileyton, Alabama. • Cari 
Shaddix — Carl is the dignified young man, who 
hails from Oxford, Alabama. 

[31 i 

First R*'* : Hujch Smith. Robert Speir. Bovce Stone. 
Martha Swain. Second Row: Vera Swindle, Thelma 
Terry, Hd»;ar Thomas, William Thomas. Third 

Row: Jack Thompson, (Catherine Walker, I a Fayette 
Walker. Blanche Walls. Fourth Row: Rose Watlcins. 
William Wells, Clyde White. Esther Jane Wood. 
Ray Yea^er . 


Hugh Smith — Hugh has played four years on 
the gridiron for his Alma Mater. He is a mem- 
ber of the "H" Club, and comes from Birming- 
ham, Alabama. • Robert Speir — Pi Kappa 
Phi. Robert is a transfer from the University 
of Alabama. He is a member of Alpha Epsilon 
Delta. • Boyce Stone — For four years Boyce 
was closely associated with football and the "H" 
Club. He hails from Albertville, Alabama. • 
Martha Swain — Martha attended the University 
of Florida, but came to Howard to finish her 
college days. She is a member of Booklovers, 
International Relations Club and Y. W. C. A. 

• Vera Swindal — She has spent most of her 
time in the Science Hall, but found time to be- 
come a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, Y. W. C. 
A., Booklovers, and Vice-President of Y. W. A. 
her freshman year. Vera comes from Gadsden, Ala. 

• Thelma Terry — A blonde of beauty and 
honor hails from Gadsden. She was a member 
of the Crimson Staff, Entre Nous Staff, Y. W. 
A., and held the office of President, Vice-Presi- 
dent, and Secretary of the Dormitory Council. • 
Edgar Thomas — Pi Kappa Phi. He was a mem- 
ber of Men's Pan-Hellenic Council and Kappa 
Psi. From Tuscumbia, Alabama. • William 
Thomas — Theta Kappa Nu. William, who 
comes from Scottsboro, was a member of Men's 
Pan-Hellenic and Kappa Psi. • Jack Thomp- 
son — Sigma Nu. Jack has shown his ability han- 
dling money while in college, so we expect him 
to be a great financier some day. He was Student 
Body Treasurer for two years, a member of the 
Student Council, International Relations Club, Y. 
M. C. A., Ushers Club, Entre Nous Staff, and 
Economics Club. He hails from Gardendalc, 
Alabama. • Katherine Walker — Katherine 
was voted the most promising and most popular 
coed in Howard. Gracious and beautiful in ac- 
tion and thought. An entry in the beauty parade, 
member of Student Council, May Day Honor 
Court, Booklovers, Y. W. C. A., President of 
B. S. U. Council and elected to Who's Who 

Among Students in American Universities and 
Colleges, and Hypatia. From Birmingham, Ala- 
bama. • LaFayette Walker — LaFayette, a 
distinguished member of the Ministerial Associ- 
ation and leader in chapel was President of the 
Senior Class, State President of B. S. U., and 
member of Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. From Birming- 
ham, Alabama. • Blanche Walls — For all 
her quietness and unobtrusiveness she made her- 
self known by her scholastic endeavors. She ex- 
celled in journalism and was editor of the Crim- 
son and a member of Hypatia, Booklovers, Chi 
Delta Phi and the Y. W. C. A. and a candidate 
for Degree With Honors and elected to Who's 
Who Among Students in American Colleges and 
Universities. From Birmingham, Alabama. • 
Rose Watkins — Retiring of manner, but a win- 
ner of honors. Rose during her four years in 
college, has been on the honor roll, participated 
on Scholarship Day, member of Y. W. C. A., 
W. A. A., and Senior Editor of the Entre Nous. 
Comes from Birmingham, Alabama. • Wil- 
liam Wells — Alpha Lambda Tau. W ; 'liam is 
a frequent visitor of the Science hall, who hails 
from Ashford, Alabama. o Clyde White — 
Clyde is another of Howard's outstanding All 
Dixie men, who will long be remembered for his 
gridiron work. He also played basketball and 
baseball. He is a transfer from St. Bernard 
College, and a member of the "H" Club. From 
Hanceville, Alabama. • Esther Jane Wood 
— Alpha Delta Theta. Esther Jane is a Phar- 
macy student and has found time to excel in 
many campus activities. President of Alpha 
Delta Theta, member Women's Student Govern- 
ment, Chi Delta Phi, Y. W. C. A., Y. W. A., 
Booklovers and Senior Pharmacy Class. Comes 
from Birmingham, Alabama. • Ray Yeager — 
Ray will be sorely missed as assistant in the Treas- 
urer's office by the many students who he so 
kindly gave of his assistance. A member of In- 
ternational Relations Club, Y. M. C. A., Eco- 
nomics Club. From Tarrant, Alabama. 

[ 33] 



(J i ii King 


William Weaver V 

it t -President 

Lynette Borland 

n, , retary 

Roscoe Griffin 

I reasurei 

Fir tt Ran : Lillian Albright, Gladvs Allen, Paul 
Anderson. George Baglev, Sidney Ballard. Second 
Hom: William W. Bell. Lynetw Borland. J. L. 
Brock . Ralph Brunson, Gussie Burton. Third Row : 
Leonard Burton. Brunice Cain. Kathryn Carlisle. 

Marvin E. Carroll, Harlow Cather. Fourth Row: 
Thomas Chandler. Robert Chester. L. N. Oaxton. 
Nash Collier. Kathleen Cones. Fifth Rom: Marion 
Cowden. George Cowgill, Rowena Craig. Marvin 
Crawford, George Daughertv 


Lillian Albright — Y. W. A. (2, 3), Beauty 
Parade (2), Dormitory Council (3), Dietetics 
Club (2), Athens College (1). Haleyville, Ala. 
• Gladys Allen — Delta Zeta. President 
Delta Zeta (3), Treasurer Y. W. C. A. (2), 
Secretary Sophomore Class (2), Beauty Parade 
(1), Beauty Section (3). Birmingham, Ala. • 
Paul Anderson — Entre Nous Staff (3). Do- 
than, Ala. • George Bagley — Crimson Staff 
(3), Ministerial Association (1, 2, 3). Fairfield, 
Ala. • Sidney Ballard — Theta Kappa Nu, 
Kappa Psi. Stevenson, Ala. • William W. 
Bell — Theta Kappa Nu, Kappa Psi, "H" Club, 
Band (1), Baseball (1), Vice-President Theta 
Kappa Nu. Townly, Ala. © Lynette Bor- 
land— Delta Zeta. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3), 
Beta Pi Theta (2, 3), Masquers (2, 3), Scholar- 
ship Day (2, 3), May Court (2), Honor Roll 
(1, 2), Secretary Junior Class (3), Beauty Pa- 
rade (2). Trussville, Ala. • J. L. Brock — 
"H" Club, Football (1, 2, 3), Student Council 
(3) . Enterprise, Ala. • Ralph Brunscn — 
Glee Club (1), Y. M. C. A. (3), Ushers Club 
(3). Elba, Ala. • Gussie Burton — Alpha 
Delta Theta, President Girls Glee Club (2), 
Secretary of Student Body (3), Y. W. C. A. 
(2), Booklovers (1), Student Council (3), Vice- 
President Alpha Delta Theta (2). Birmingham, 
Ala. • Leonard Burton— "H" Club (2, 3), 
Secretary "H" Club (3), Baseball (1, 2, 3), Bas- 
ketball (1, 2, 3). Birmingham, Ala. • Bru- 
nice Cain — W. A. A. (1, 2, 3), Secretary W. 
A. A. (3), Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Birming- 

ham, Ala. • Kathryn Carlisle — Beta Sigma 
Omicron. Beta Pi Theta (2, 3), Secretary Beta 
Pi Theta (3), Booklovers Club (3), Parade 
Committee (3), Pan-Hellenic Council (2), Y. W. 
C. A. (2, 3), Treasurer Beta Sigma Omicron 
(3). Birmingham, Ala. • Marvin E. Car- 
roll — Pi Kappa Phi. Birmingham, Ala. • 
Harlow Cather— "H" Club (2, 3), Baseball 
(1, 2, 3), Basketball (1, 3). Birmingham, Ala. 
o Thomas Chandler — Ministerial Association 
(1, 2, 3), Physical Education Instructor (3). 
Plantersville, Ala. • Robert H. Chester — 
Theta Kappa Nu. Kappa Psi (2, 3). Bemis, 
Tenn. • L. N. Claxton — Ministerial Associ 
ation, "Taming of the Shrew." Anniston, Ala 

• Nash Collier — Scholarship Day (1, 2) 
Freshman and Sophomore Marshal on Scholar 
ship Day, Chi Alpha Sigma (3), President Ch 
Alpha Sigma (3), May Day Honor Court. Bir 
mingham, Ala. • Kathleen Cones — Y. W 
C. A. Cabinet (3). Birmingham, Ala. « 
Marion Cowden — Beta Sigma Omicron. Y. W 
C. A. (2, 3), Glee Club (2, 3). Tarrant, Ala 

• George Cowgill — Pi Kappa Alpha. Kappa 
Psi (2, 3), President Men's Pan-Hellenic (3), 
President Pi Kappa Alpha (2) and Treasurer 
(3). Birmingham, Ala. • Rowena Craig — 
Beta Sigma Omicron. Y. W. C. A. (3), Ten- 
nessee and Wesleyan (1, 2). Athens, Tenn. • 
Marvin Crawford — "H" Club (2, 3), Football 
(2, 3). Alexander City, Ala. • George 
Daugherty— "H" Club (2, 3), All Dixie (3), 
"Taming of the Shrew" (3). Cleveland, Ohio. 

I )7] 

/ if.r Row: Robert I >avie, Beatrice I )avies, < Iharles 

Elizabeth Davis, Mildred Downs s 
K,>u Mar) I c- Elliot, Harriet Esco, Frances FelJ 
nun, Maxic Floyd, f Letus Ford / bird A\«» 

Griffin George Groff, John A. Haj 

Elisc Hairston, Lydia Haisten , Fourth Rowi 
Virginia Halbrooles, Thomas Harley Handlcy, Oiis 
Hardy, Clyde Harles, Arthui Hayes, h'ifth R<»u 
Joe Health . Lewis Hilson, Frances Hogan, Elizabeth 
HoUomh. Beverley Holli> 


Robert Davie — Sigma Nu. Crimson Staff (3), 
Ushers Club (2), Alakazam Club (2), Scholar- 
ship Day (1, 2, 3), Economic Club (3), Parade 
Committee (2). West Blocton, Ala. • Bea- 
trice Davies — Beta Sigma Omicron. Y. W. C. 
A. Cabinet (2, 3), Booklovers Club (3), Secre- 
tary of W. A. A. (3) . Birmingham, Ala. • 
Charles Davis— "H" Club (3), Football (1, 2, 
3). Birmingham, Ala. • Elizabeth Davis — 
Alpha Delta Pi. Y. W. A. (1, 2, 3), Vice- 
President Y. W. A. (3), Dormitory Council (2), 
Secretary Alpha Delta Pi (3), Masquers (2, 3), 
Albertville, Ala. • Mildred Downs — Delta 
Zeta. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3), Vice-Presi- 
dent Y. W. C. A. (3), Beta Pi Theta (3), Beau- 
ty Parade (2, 3), Glee Club (1, 2, 3), Editor 
Chi Delta Phi, News-Age Herald Scholarship 
Winner (1), Secretary Delta Zeta (3). Bir- 
mingham, Ala. • Mary Lee Elliot — Delta 
Zeta. Y. W. C. A. (3), Glee Club (3), Dietetics 
Club (3), Transfer North Georgia College (1, 
2) . Rome, Ga. • Harriet Esco — Crimson 
Staff (1, 2, 3), Publicity Staff (2), Dormitory 
Council (2, 3), Glee Club (1, 2, 3), Y. W. C. A. 
Cabinet (2) . Clanton, Ala. • Frances Feld- 
man— Glee Club (2). Haleyville, Ala. • 
Maxie Floyd — Beta Sigma Omicron. Booklovers 
Club (3), Beauty Section (2). Birmingham, Ala. 
o Cletus Ford — Economics Club (3). Tar- 
rant, Ala. • Roscoe Griffin — Vice-President 
Freshman Class, Glee Club (1, 2, 3), Treasurer 
Junior Class, B. S. U. Council (1, 2, 3), Vice- 
President B. S. U. (3), Ministerial Association 
(1, 2, 3), Y. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3). Whistler, 
Ala. • George Groff — Pi Kappa Alpha, 

Vice-President Kappa Psi (3), Executive Com- 
mittee, Sophomore Pharmacy Class; Kappa Psi 
(2). Crichton, Ala. • John A. Hagood — 
Tallapoosa, Ga. • Elise Hairston — Entre 
Nous Staff (3). Montevallo (1, 2). Birming- 
ham, Ala. • Lydia Haisten — Phi Mu. Beauty 
Parade (2, 3), President Delta Kappa (3), Sec- 
retary Delta Kappa (2), Beta Pi Theta (3), 
Masquers (1, 2, 3), Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3), Book- 
lovers Club (2, 3), Student Council (3). Bir- 
mingham, Ala. • Virginia Halbrooks — Book- 
lovers Club (1, 2, 3). Birmingham, Ala. • 
Thomas Harley Handley — Irondale, Ala. • 
Otis Hardy— "H" Club (2, 3), Football 1, 2, 
3). Alexander City, Ala. • H. Clyde Har- 
less — Ministerial Association (1, 2, 3). Birming- 
ham, Ala. • Arthur L. Hayes — Ministerial 
Association (1, 2, 3), Y. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3), 
Football (1, 2). Greenville, Ala. • Joe 
Healey — Pi Kappa Phi. May Day Honor Court, 
Freshman Stunt Committee, Editor Freshmen 
Prize-Winning Edition Crimson, Ushers Club 
(1, 2, 3), Crimson Staff (1, 2, 3), Student Ac- 
tivity Board (2) , Fraternity Editor Entre Nous 
(3), Editor Sophomore Edition Crimson, Pub- 
licity Staff (2), Beta Pi Theta. Birmingham, 
Ala. • Lewis Hilson, Jr. — Pi Kappa Phi. 
Dothan, Ala. • Frances Hogan — Delta Zeta. 
Vice-President Delta Zeta (3), Y. W. C. A. (1, 
2, 3), Art Club; Beauty Section (1), Alpha Epsi- 
lon Delta (2) . Birmingham, Ala. • Eliza- 
beth Holcomb — Phi Mu. Y. W. C. A. Cabi- 
net (2), Booklovers Club (1, 2), Beauty Parade 
(1, 2, 3), President Phi Mu (3), Registrar Phi 
Mu (2) . Birmingham, Ala. • Beverley 
Keith Hollis — Pi Kappa Alpha. Winfield, Ala. 

[ 39 

First *..» Bobbie Hopper, W.llard Huckahv. 
Thomas Hunter, Edwin Janicki, Harvev Johnson. 
Second kou : Jack Kelser, Cecil Kin^;. Frank 
Landers, Mildred Lawrence, Rollm Lincoln. Third 
/v'.»» Bruce little. Charles Loveless, Jeanne Martin 

Bertha Nel Ma: on. John Moore. Fourth Rou : 

Elizabeth Morton. Evelyn Murphree. Quails Meyers, 
Cathryn McKibbon. Recce McKibbens. Fifth Rom 
Edward Ncclv, Ruth Oliver, Mary Catherine- Outlaw. 
Robbie O^in^s. R A Rattv Cirad* Phillips 


Bobbie Hopper — Dietetics Club (1, 2) Birming- 
ham, Ala. • Willard Huckaby— "H" Club 
(2, 3), Football (1, 2, 3). Lafayette, Ala. • 
Thomas Hunter — Ministerial Association Treas- 
urer (1), Y. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3), Glee Club (1, 
2, 3), Ministerial Association (1, 2, 3), Band 
(1, 2, 3). Whistler, Ala. • Edwin Janicki — 
Theta Kappa Nu, Baseball (1, 2, 3), Theta 
Kappa Nu Scribe, and Fraternal Manager (3), 
Pan-Hellenic (3). Cleveland, Ohio. • Har- 
vey Johnson — Theta Kappa Nu, Kappa Psi. 
Chicago, 111. • Jack Kelser — Sigma Nu. 
Masquers (1, 2, 3), Ushers Club (2), Parade 
Committee (2), Business Manager Crimson (3). 
Birmingham, Ala. • Cecil King — Sigma Nu. 
Ushers Club (1, 2, 3), President Sophomore and 
Junior Classes; Assistant Parade Chairman (2, 
3), Baseball (2), Intermural Sports Chairman 
(3), Crimson Staff (3), Masquers (2, 3), Gail 
Patrick Cup (2), Student Activity Board (2, 3), 
Economics Club (3). Birmingham, Ala. * 
Frank Landers, Jr. — Kappa Psi. Piedmont, 
Ala. * Mildred Lawrence — Phi Mu. Secre- 
tary of Phi Mu (3), Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3), 
Boolclovers (1), Masquers (1, 2, 3), Secretary 
Sophomore Class, Student Activity Board (3), 
Parade Committee (3). Birmingham, Ala. • 
Rollin Lincoln — Pi Kappa Phi. Franklin Park, 
111. • Bruce Little— "H" Club (2, 3) , Foot- 
ball (1, 2, 3), Basketball (1), Baseball (1). 
Piedmont, Ala. • Charles Loveless — Stu- 
dent Government (2), Ushers Club (3), Band 
(2, 3) , News-Age Herald Scholarship Winner 
(1). Birmingham, Ala. • Jeanne Martin — 
Alpha Delta Pi. Treasurer Alpha Delta Pi (3), 
Masquers (2, 3), Student Council (2, 3), Art 
Club (1, 2, 3), Y. W. A. (1, 2, 3). Albert- 

ville, Ala. • Bertha Nel Mason — Book- 
lovers Club (1, 2, 3), Y. W. C A. (1, 2, 3). 
Leeds, Ala. • John Moore — Y. M. C. A. 
Cabinet (2, 3), Ministerial Association (2, 3), 
Glee Club (2, 3), B. S. U. Council (3). Au- 
burn (1). Aliceville, Ala. • Elizabeth 
Morton — Alpha Delta Theta. President Alpha 
Delta Theta (3), Treasurer Alpha Delta Theta 
(2), Treasurer Art Club (2), Y. W. C. A. Cabi- 
net (2, 3) . Birmingham, Ala. • Evelyn 
Murphree — Phi Mu. Vice-President Pan-Hel- 
lenic (3), Booklovers (1, 3), Y. W. C A. (1, 3), 
Beauty Parade (3). Birmingham, Ala. • 
Qualls Myers — William and Mary College (1, 
2), Theta Chi Delta; Phi Sigma. Livingston, 
Tenn. o Cathryn McKibbon — Beta Sigma 
Omicron. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (2), Booklovers 
Club (1, 2, 3), Art Club (3). Birmingham, 
Ala. • Reece McKibbens — Jacksonville State 
Teachers College (1, 2). Steppville, Ala. • 
Edward Neely — Guntersville, Ala. • Ruth 
Oliver— Alpha Delta Pi. Y. W. C. A. (3), 
Masquers (1, 2, 3), Assistant Editor Bull Pup (2), 
Sorority Editor Entre Nous (3), Parade Commit- 
tee (2, 3), B. S. U. Council (2). Birmingham, 
Ala. • Mary Catherine Outlaw — Delta 
Zeta. Y. W. C. A. (3). Birmingham-Southern 
(1, 2). Birmingham, Ala. • Robbie Owings 
—Alpha Delta Pi. Dormitory Council (3), Y. 
W. A. (1, 2, 3), Miss Howard '37, Honor Court 
(1, 2), Masquers (1, 2, 3), Pan-Hellenic (2), 
Beauty Parade (1, 2, 3), Glee Club (1, 3). Cen- 
terville, Ala. * R. A. Patty — Sigma Nu. As- 
sistant Parade Manager (3). Anderson, Ind. • 
Grady W. Phillips — Vice-President Alpha Ep- 
silon Delta (3), Biology Laboratory Assistant 
(3), Entre Nous Staff (}). Birmingham, Ala. 

[41 ] 

Firil Row: Wyan Pop*. Olivt Posey, Ada Powell, 
Archie Prune, J. W. Richardson. ,S,.,,n,/ A'.'» 
Bonnie Sazera, Eddie Merle Smith, Jewel Stevens, 
William Stickles I) < Srringfello* Third Row: 

Marrha I.i\l,w M.irv Pearl feasley, Nin.i fhorton, 

Spurgeon Thrower, Fred Turnrr. l»uTth A',>» .*\ Lee Vines, Jared Walker, John Warren, 
Mice Waters, Waverlj Watkins. Fifth Row: 
William Weaver, T. A. Windham, Wilens 
Williams,\ Williamson, MilW Wood, Jamrs 


Wyatt Pope — Pi Kappa Phi. Business Manager 
Entre Nous (3), Band (1, 2), Assistant Manager 
Bull Pup (3), Ushers Club (1, 2), Honor Roll 
(1, 2), Secretary Y. M. C. A. (2), Vice-Presi- 
dent Sophomore Class, Kappa Psi (3), President 
(2) and Treasurer (3) of Pi Kappa Phi, Vice- 
President Pan-Hellenic (3), Vice-President B. S. 
U. (2). Brantley, Ala. • Olive Posey— 
Alpha Delta Theta. Glee Club (1, 2, 3). Haley- 
ville, Ala. • Ada Powell — Delta Zeta. Book- 
lovers Club (1, 2, 3), Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3), 
Y. W. A. (1, 2, 3), Glee Club (3), Crimson 
Staff (3). Birmingham, Ala. • Archie 
Pruitt — President Y. M. C. A. (3), President 
International Relations Club (3), Ministerial As- 
sociation (1, 2, 3), State President of Y. M. C. 
A. (3), Scholarship Day (1), Delta Kappa (1, 
2), Glee Club (1, 2), Vice-President B. S. U. 
(2) . Chatom, Ala. • J. W. Richardson— Y. 
M. C. A. (3), Ministerial Student. Transfer 
Troy I. R. C (1, 2). Ariton, Ala. • Bonnie 
Sazera — Alpha Epsilon Delta (2, 3) , Historian 
of A. E. D. (2, 3), Freshman Marshal, Scholar- 
ship Day (1, 2), Honor Roll (1, 2), A. E. D. 
Parade Sponsor (3), Booklovers (1, 2, 3). Bir- 
mingham, Ala. • Eddie Merle Smith — Glee 
Club (1, 2, 3), Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3), "Tam- 
ing of the Shrew." Birmingham, Ala. • 
Jewel Stevens — Booklovers (3), Y. W. C. A. 
(3). Jacksonville State Teachers College (1, 2). 
Odenville, Ala. • William Stickles — Editor 
Bull Pup (2), Entre Nous Staff (2), Crimson 
Staff (3), Associate Editor Freshman and Sopho- 
more class edition of Crimson. Guntersville, Ala. 
• D. C. Stringfellow — Ministerial Associa- 
tion (1, 2, 3), Y. M. C. A. (1, 2, 3), Scholar- 
ship Day (1, 2), Ushers Club (1, 2, 3), Inter- 
national Relations Club (1, 2, 3), Student Coun- 
cil (2), Vice-President Student Council (3), 
Glee Club (3), Delta Kappa (1), Vice-President 
of Student Body (3). Dothan, Ala. • Mar- 
tha Taylor — Alpha Epsilon Delta Secretary (2, 
3), May Day (1), W. A. A. (1, 2, 3), Y. W. 
C. A. (1), Beauty Parade (3). Birmingham, 
Ala. • Mary Peari Teasley— Y. W. C. A. 

(3) , Assistant in Business Managers Office (2, 3) 
Huffman, Ala. • Nina Thornton — Phi Mu 
Booklovers Club (3), Y. W. C. A. (1, 3), Glee 
Club (1, 3). University Alabama (2). Bir 
mingham, Ala. • Spurgeon Thrower — Uni 
versity Alabama (1, 2). Heflin, Ala. • Fred 
Turner— "H" Club (2, 3), Basketball (1, 2, 3) 
Football Manager (3), Student Council (3) 
Piedmont, Ala. • Mary Lee Vines — Delta 
Zeta. W. A. A. (1, 2, 3), Girls Tennis Cham 
pion (1, 2), Booklovers Club (1, 2). Birming 
ham, Ala. • Jared Walker — Sigma Nu 
Glee Club (1, 2, 3), Ministerial Association (1 
2, 3), President Freshman Class; Y. M. C. A 
Cabinet (1, 2, 3). Montgomery, Ala. • John 
Warren — Kappa Psi (3), Parade Committee 
(3). Columbus, Ohio. • Alice Waters — 
Phi Mu. Pi Gamma Mu; Booklovers Club (1, 
2, 3), Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (3), Society Editor 
Entre Nous (3), Scholarship chairman of Phi 
Mu. Birmingham, Ala. • Waverley Wat- 
kins— "H" Club, Baseball (1, 2, 3), Masquers 
(2). Birmingham, Ala. • William Weaver 
— Assistant Editor Entre Nous (1, 3), Nice- 
President Junior Class; Vice-President B. S. U. 
(3), Reporter (2); Masquers (2, 3), State Presi- 
dent of B. S. U. (3), Glee Club (2, 3), Inter- 
national Relations Club (2, 3), Ushers Club (2), 
President Ushers Club (3), Chairman Election 
Committee (2), Secretary Ministerial Association 
(3), Secretary Y. M. C. A. (3), Stunt Night 
(1). Talladega, Ala. • T. A. Windham— "H" 
Club (3), Football (1, 2, 3). Hartford, Ala. o 
Wilena Williams— Y. W. C. A. (2, 3), Athens 
College (1) . Haleyville, Ala. • Mary William- 
son — Pi Gamma Mu (2, 3), Honor Roll (1, 2, 
3), Glee Club (1, 3), Booklovers Club (1, 2, 3), 
Y. W. C. A. (1, 2, 3), "Taming of the Shrew" 
(3). Chelsea, Ala. • Billy Wood — Pi Kappa 
Alpha. Kappa Psi (2, 3), Vice-President Delta 
Kappa; Parade Committee (3), Glee Club (3), 
Crimson Staff (3), Captain Pi K. A. Football 
Team (2). Birmingham, Ala. • James Wood 
-Football (1, 2), B. S. U. Council (3). Troy, 



Ralph Williams President 

Grady Hutchison I in -President 

Gladys Scott Secretary-Treasurer 

/ 1» >/ A'"n Lorenc Alsbrooks, Conic Anderson, Lee 
Anderton. Mary Armstrong, Hdna Karl Barnes 
Sti otld Kvn : Boh BattemchlaR. Fred Bauchwit/. 
Gordon Berry, Jack Brverett, Robert Bnttain. Third 

Row: Joyce Brown, Sam Brown, Jappie Brvant. 
Saranel Bur ford. James Burr Fourth R<>* Rod well 
Calhoun, N. T. Garden, Leon a Carpenter. Henry 
Cobb, Sara Conrld Fifth Rom: Willard Collins, 

Dixie Dell Crotlt, Richard Crowe, Mmrav Day. 


Lorene Alsbrooks — Dietetics Club; Y. W. C. A. (2) ; Birmingham, Ala. • 
Corrie Anderson — Phi Mu. Band Sponsor (1, 2); Beauty Parade (1); Sec- 
retary Delta Kappa; Birmingham, Ala. ° Lee Anderton — Y. M. C. A. (2) ; 
Ministerial Association (2). Transfer State Teachers College (1). Sheffield, 
Ala. ° Mary Armstrong— Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Glee Club (1, 2); Booklovers 
(1, 2) Clanton, Ala. • Edna Earl Barnes — Alpha Delta Pi. Y. W. 
C. A. (1). A'bertville, Ala. • Bob Battenschlag — Pi Kappa Phi. Casper, 
Wyoming. ° Fred Bauchwitz — Birmingham, Ala. • Gordon Berry — 
Sigma Nu. Auburn (1). Birmingham, Ala. • Jack Beverett — Midland, Ala. 

• Robert Brittain — Oneonta, Ala. • Joyce Brown — Delta Zeta. Secretary 
Freshman Class (1); Y. W. A. (1, 2); Beauty Parade (1); Beauty Section (2); 
Y. W. C. A. (1); Booklovers (1). Birmingham, Ala. 9 Sam Brown — Minis- 
terial Association (1, 2); Ushers Club (2). Cullman, Ala. e Jappe Bryant — 
Delta Zeta. Vice-President Art Club (2); W. A. A. (2); Y. W. C A. (1, 2); 
Beauty Parade (1, 2); Cheer Leader (2); Parade Committee (2). Bessemer, Ala. 

• Saranel Burford — Masquers (1, 2); Staff member of Freshman edition of 
Crimson. Ensley, Ala. • James Burt — Theta Kappa Nu, Band (2). Birmingham, 
Ala. ° Rodwell Calhoun — Pi Kappa Alpha. Delta Kappa; Parade Committee 
(2); Masquers (2); Crimson Staff (2). Birmingham, Ala. • N. T. Carden — Pi 
Kappa Phi. Valley Head, Ala. • Leona Carpenter — Birmingham, Ala. • 
Henry Lawrence Cobb — Pi Kappa Phi. Kappa Psi (1, 2). Greensboro, Ala. 

• Sara Cofield — Phi Mu. President Dietetics Club; President Omicron Alpha; 
Freshman Marshal; Scholarship Day. Birmingham, Ala. • Willard Collins — 
Pi Kappa Phi. Kappa Psi (2) . Guntersville, Ala. • Dixie Dell Crout — Glee 
Club (2) ; Y. W. C A. (2) ; Millsap College ( 1 ) . Raleigh, Mississippi. • RICH- 
ARD Crowe — B. S. U. Council (2) ; Glee Club (2) ; Ministerial Association (1, 2). 
Tuscumbia, Ala. • Murray Day — Ministerial Association. Tuscaloosa, Ala. 


First Rom: Margaret Sue l)-nton. Jane Dorane. 
Mary Dunlap. Carlyle Evans. Margaret Fancher 
Srtond Row. Richard Franks, Sam Granade. 
Gwendolvn Griffith, Joanne Gunn, Leonce Havgood 
Third Rom: Frank Hall, James Haves. Evelyn 

Hendrix, Eunice Hunt, Grady Hutchison Fourth 
Rom-: Dennis Ingram. Anard Johnson. Elmo Johnson. 
Willie Mae Kendnck. Ahilane Knight. / ifth Rom: 
Cleo Lambert. Mary I.antrip, John Latham. Fcrrcll 


Margaret Sue Denton — Delta Zeta. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Booklovers Club 
(1, 2). Birmingham, Ala. • Erma Jane Doran — Treasurer Booklovers Club 
(2); Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); International Relations Club (2). Birmingham, Ala. 

• Mary E. Dunlap— Alpha Delta Theta. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Booklovers 
Club (1, 2). Hanceville, Ala. • Carlyle Evans — Band (1, 2). Knoxville, 
Tenn. • Margaret Fancher — Montevallo, Ala. • Richard Franks — Pi 
Kappa Phi. Ashland, Ala. • Sam Granade — Ministerial Association (1, 2); 
B. S. U. (1, 2). Leroy, Ala. • Gwendolyn Griffith — Beta Sigma Omicron. 
Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Booklovers Club (1, 2); Glee Club (1, 2). Birmingham, 
Ala. • Joanne Gunn— Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Booklovers Club (1, 2). Bir- 
mingham, Ala. • Leonce Hagood — Pinson, Ala. • Frank Hall — Pi Kappa 
Phi. Glee Club (1, 2). Lincoln, Ala. • James Hayes — Birmingham, Ala. 

• Evelyn Hendrix— Delta Zeta. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2). Dietetics Club (1, 2). 
Birmingham, Ala. • Eunice Hunt — Brent, Ala. • Grady Hutchison — 
Vice-President Sophomore Class; Glee Club (1, 2); B. S. U. Council (2); Min- 
isterial Association (1, 2); Ushers Club. Enterprise, Ala. • Dennis Ingram — 
Theta Kappa Nu. Baseball (l);Band (1,2). Ashland, Ala. • Anard John- 
son — Theta Kappa Nu. Chicago, 111. • Elmo Johnson — Ushers Club (1, 2). 
Birmingham, Ala. • Willie Mae Kendrick — Bessemer, Ala. • Abilane 
Knight— Beta Sigma Omicron. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Booklovers Club (1, 2); 
Secretary Beta Sigma Omicron (2); Y. W. A. (1, 2); Marguerite Pence Tropin 
(1). Fairfield, Ala. • Cleo Lambert— Glee Club (1, 2); Booklovers Club 
(1, 2). Heflin, Ala. • Mary Lantrip— Alpha Delta Theta. Y. W. C. A. 
(1, 2). Birmingham, Ala. • John Latham — Pi Kappa Phi. New Market, 
Ala. • Ferrell Lawrence — Leeds, Ala. 


/ ir.; A!«>» . Sybil Mallicoat, Rose Martin, Barbara 
Mason . Hen Meadows, Lamar Meadows Scitmd 

Rou : Marrha Mercfc, Elliott Mrvcrsnn, Nanvv Krv 

Mitchell, Verna Mae Mitchell, Franhe Moody. 

third A'"». Hurl Morrison, Fred MtllUnS, tiror^r 

Murruh, Margaret McClellan. Ouida Nelson. Fourth 
A'«»b ; Thomas Norris, Tom Ople, Jack Olliphant, 
Jack Owen. Fred Ptrcl. Fifth Row; Olivia Philabert, 
Susie Man Ratnr\ . Rurh Roberts, Tommy Robinson 


Sybil Mallicoat — Parade Committee (2); Y. W. C A. (1, 2). Valley Head, 
Ala. • Rose Lorena Martin— Alpha Delta Pi. Y. W. C A. (1, 2). Bir- 
mingham, Ala. • Barbara Mason — Alpha Delta Pi. Honor Court (1); How- 
ard's Carnival Princess (1). Birmingham, Ala. • Ben Meadows — Sigma Nu. 
Birmingham, Ala. • Lamar Meadows — Sigma Nu. Band (1, 2). Hurling- 
ton, Texas. • Martha Merck — Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (1); Devotional Chair- 
man Y. W. C. A. (2); Booklovers Club (1, 2); Student Council (2); B. S. U. 
Council (1, 2); W. A. A. (2). Birmingham, Ala. • Elliott Meyerson — 
Theta Kappa Nu. New York City, N. Y. • Nancy Key Mitchell — Y. W. 
A. (1, 2). Headland, Ala. • Verna Mae Mitchell — Student Council (1); 
Glee Club (1, 2); B. S. U. Council (2). Tuscumbia, Ala. • Frankie Moody 
— Alabama College (1). Springville, Ala. • Huel Morrison — Pi Kappa 
Alpha. Harrison, Ark. • Fred Mullins — Sigma Nu. Helena, Ala. • 
George Murruh — Richland, Ga. • Margaret McClellan — Dietetics Club 
(1); Booklovers Club (2); Y. W. C A. (2); Y. W. A. Birmingham, Ala. • 
Ouida Nelson — Beta Sigma Omicron. Y. W. C. A. (2); Booklovers Club (2). 
Birmingham, Ala. • Thomas Norris — Grand Bay, Ala. • Tom Ogle — Pi 
Kappa Alpha. Birmingham, Ala. • Jack Olliphant — Sigma Nu. Men's Pan- 
Hellenic Council (2) ; Delta Kappa. Birmingham, Ala. • Jack Owen — Dade- 
ville, Ala. • Fred Perel — Birmingham, Ala. • Eugenia Olivia Philabert 
—Glee Club (2). Birmingham, Ala. • Susie Mary Rainey— Y. W. A. (2). 
Huntingdon College (1). Margaret, Ala. • Ruth Roberts — Beta Sigma Omi- 
cron. Y. W. C A. (1, 2) ; Booklovers Club (1,2). Birmingham, Ala. • Tom- 
my Robinson — University of Alabama (1); Y. W. A. (2). Haleyville, Ala. 

[51 i 

First Ron : Gladvs Scott. Irbv Seglei . MaxillC 
Shores. Rubv Kathenne Smith. Ernestine Standi fet . 
Second Af.>» . Wilodene Stephens, Jerome Tauher, 
hi At rv Tcel, J. A. Thompson, Louise Thompson 
/ hirj Ron: Margaret Thompson. Mary Thomason, 

Fred Thrash. Mary Frances Vaughn, Rebecca Vice. 

fourth /Von ; I )c Lacee White, Wayne Wells, B. C. 

Wilcutt, Ralph Williams, W. H Williams. Fifth 

Row: Mary Emily Wishart, Elta Worsham, Aaron 
York. Sara Ruth Young, 


Gladys Scott — President Y. W. A. (2) ; Secretary and Treasurer of Sophomore 
Class; Vice-President B. S. U. (2); Dormitory Council (2); Glee Club (1, 2). 
Whistler, Ala. • Irby Segler — Football (1, 2). Guntersville, Ala. • Max- 
cine Shores — Y. W. A. (2); University of Alabama (1). Carbon Hill, Ala. 
e Ruby Katherine Smith — Dietetics Club (1, 2). Birmingham, Ala. • Er- 
nestine Standifer — Y. W. A. (1, 2); Glee Club (2). Gadsden, Ala. • 
Wilodene Stephens — Beta Sigma Omicron. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Booklovers 
(1, 2). Birmingham, Ala. • Jerome Tauber — Brooklyn, N. Y. • Harry 
Teel — Freshman Marshal; May Day Honor Court (1); Student Council (2); 
Ushers Club (2); Parade Committee (2); Delta Kappa (2). Birmingham, Ala. 

• J. A. Thompson — Gardendale, Ala. • Louise Thompson — Art Club (1, 
2) . Gardendale, Ala. • Margaret Thompson — Birmingham, Ala. • Mary 
Thomason — Dietetics Club (2); Athens (1). Birmingham, Ala. • Fred 
Thrash — Ministerial Association (1, 2); Treasurer Ministerial Association (2). 
Heflin, Ala. • Mary Frances Vaughn— Delta Zeta. Y. W. C A. (2) ; Glee 
Club (2). Montevallo (1). Birmingham, Ala. • Rebecca Vice — Auburn (1). 
Birmingham, Ala. • De Lacee White — Alpha Delta Pi. Alpha Epsilon Delta 
(1, 2); Y. W. C. A. (I, 2). Ensley, Ala. • Wayne Wells— Pi Kappa Phi. 
Ashford, Ala. • B. C. Willcutt — Ministerial Association (1, 2). Tarrant, 
Ala. • Ralph Williams — Sigma Nu. President Sophomore Class. New Cas- 
tle, Ala. • W. H. Williams — Band (2) . Montgomery, Ala. • Mary Emily 
Wishart— Beta Sigma Omicron. Y. W. C. A. (1, 2); Booklovers (1, 2). Bir- 
mingham, Ala. • Elta Worsham — Dietetics Club (1, 2). Birmingham, Ala. 

• Aaron York — Pi Kappa Phi. Empire, Ala. • Sara Ruth Young— Bil 
mingham, Ala. 

I » I 



Lamar Bennett President 

Vivian Houlditch Vice-President 

Madge Owens Secretary-Treasurer 

Ann Weavi r Student Council Kip- 

First Row. H.Ida Adams, Arlie Allen, S. L. 
Armstrong, I nolle Beavers, Doroth) Bell, Lamar 

Bennett. Second rV<>» : Borum Bishop, George 

Biveru. Sue Blanton. Anoise Brock, Bernice Brown, 
Ella Brown. Third Rt>* : Bill Boggs, Leila Mae 
Borland, Elizabeth Buxdick, Gilbert Burks, Virginia 
Caldwell, June Cause v. Fourth Run: Jean Cheetham, 

Carroll Clavton. Edna Earle Clemtntv David Coc 
Margaret Cole. Annelle Collins Fifth Ron 

Clayton Cook, Bette Jane Cooper. Fay Crowder 
Jerome Crowe. Woodrow Culver, Ernest 
George Dowd. Sixth Run : W. J. Dunawav 

Margaret Ealcins, Martha Echols, Jethro Everitt 
Findl) Martha Flinn, Pauline Garrett. 


Hilda Adams — Boolclovers, Y. W. C. A., Glee Club. Center Point, Ala. • 
Arlie Allen — News Age Herald Scholarship Winner, Crimson Staff. Bessemer, 
Ala. • S. L. Armstrong — Ministerial Association, Y. M. C A., Ushers Club. 
Montgomery, Ala. • Lucille Beavers — Y. W. C. A., Boolclovers. Birming- 
ham. Ala. • Dorothy Bell — Phi Mu, Y. W. A. Overton, Ala. • Lamar 
Bennett — Pres. Freshman Class, Ushers Club, Crimson Staff. Hartselle, Ala. 

• Borum Bishop — Montgomery, Ala. • Georce Bivens — Birmingham, Ala. 

• Sue Blanton — Alpha Delta Pi, Glee Club. Birmingham, Ala. • Anoise 
Brock — Y. W. A. Boaz, Ala. • Bernice Brown — Beta Sigma Omicron, Y. 
W. C. A., Boolclovers. Birmingham, Ala. • Ella Brown — Baileyton, Ala. 

• Bill Boggs — Birmingham, Ala. • Leila Mae Borland — Beta Sigma Omi- 
cron, Y. W. C. A., Boolclovers. Chelsea, Ala. • Elizabeth Hall Burdick — 
Dietetics Club. Port Washington, Long Island, N. Y. • Gilbert Burks — 
Calera, Ala. • Virginia Caldwell — Beta Sigma Omicron, Boolclovers, Y. W. 
C. A. Birmingham, Ala. • June Causey — Delta Zeta. Birmingham, Ala. • 
Jean Cheetham — Boolclovers. Birmingham, Ala. • Carroll Clayton — 
Pi Kappa Phi. Bellamy, Ala. • Edna Earle Clements — Phi Mu. Dietetics 
Club, Y. W. C A. Birmingham, Ala. • David Coe — Pi Kappa Phi. Band. 
Birmingham, Ala. • Margaret Cole — Y. W. A. Boaz, Ala. • Annelle 
Collins — Y. W. C. A., Boolclovers. Leeds, Ala. • Clayton Cook — Birming- 
ham, Ala. • Bette Jane Cooper — Art Club. Birmingham, Ala. • Fay 
Crowder — Alpha Delta Pi, Glee Club. Birmingham, Ala. • Jerome Crowe, 
Jr. — Pinson, Ala. • Woodrow Culver — Pi Kappa Alpha. Hartselle, Ala. 

• Ernest Davis, Jr. — Pi Kappa Phi. Birmingham, Ala. • George Dowd — 
Ministerial Association, Y. M. C. A., Glee Club. Montgomery, Ala. • W. J. 
Dunaway, Jr. — Birmingham, Ala. • Margaret Eakins — Beta Sigma Omi- 
cron. Y. W. C A., Y. W. A. Meridianville, Ala. • Martha Echols — Alpha 
Delta Theta. Gadsden, Ala. • Jethro Everitt — Birmingham, Ala. • 
George B. Findlay — Birmingham, Ala. • Martha Flinn — Phi Mu. Boolc- 
lovers. Y. W. C. A., Crimson Staff. Birmingham, Ala. Pauline Garrett — 
Dietetics Club, Y. W. C. A., Glee Club. Birmingham, Ala. 


First Kt>u: Anne Gatlin, Ro&coe Goldsmith. Edna 
Ruth Gravetre, ( atherinc Griffith, Ira Gunn, Man 
Gwillim. Second Kou Edith Half Jane Hale, 
Porta Harrison, Frank Haynes, Charlotte Haxen, 
Margaret Ht-ath. Third /v.»» . Marshall Honan. 
I ouiac Hoi lings worth, Vivian Houl ditch, W I) 
Houi-ll I_)oroihv Huff Bertie Jacobs Fourth /\.>» 

John Jeflcrs, Eugene Jordan, Sara Jordan, Tom 
Jordan, Dewrv Lackey, Evan Lewis. Fifth Ko» . 
Winston Lewis, Ruth Livingston, Ralph Mackey, 
Dorothy Martin, I.eon Menninson, Eugene Meyei . 
l.illms Sixth A'.'» ; Quinron MumIc. Grover 
McCain, Jean McDaiuel, Katie Lee McKinney, 
Jaci McLendon Evelyn George N»-wman 


Annf Gatlin — Delta Zeta, Y. W. C. A., Booklovers, Y. W. A., Band Sponsor; 
Freshman Comm. of Y. W. C. A., Beauty Parade. Jasper, Ala. • Roscoe 
Goldsmith — Band, Glee Club. Atmore, Ala. • Edna Ruth Gravette — Y. W. 
C. A., Booklovers. Birmingham, Ala. • Catherine Griffith — Phi Mu; Book- 
lovers, Y. W. C. A. Birmingham, Ala. • Ira Gunn — Pi Kappa Phi, Glee Club. 
Alexander City, Ala. • Mary Gwillim — Fairfield, Ala. • Edith Hale — 
Phi Mu. Band Sponsor. Birmingham, Ala. • Jane Hale — Birmingham, Ala. 

• Porter Harrison — Ministerial Student. Birmingham, Ala. • Frank L. 
Haynes, Jr. — Pi Kappa Alpha. Football. Hodges, Ala. • Charlotte Hazen 
— Y. W. C A. Birmingham, Ala. • Margaret Heath— Y. W. G A., Book- 
lovers. Birmingham, Ala. • Marshall Davis Hogan, Jr. — Sigma Nu. Crim- 
son Staff. Birmingham, Ala. • Louise Hollingsworth — Dietetics Club. Bir- 
mingham, Ala. • Vivian Houlditch — Y. W. C A. Cabinet, Pres. Freshman 
Chapter Y. W. C. A., Vice-President Freshman Class. Birmingham, Ala. • 
W. D. Howell — Football. Foley, Ala. • Dorothy Huff — Vice-President Y. 
W. C A. (Fresh. Comm.) . Birmingham, Ala. • Bettie Jacobs — Alpha Delta 
Pi. Dietetics Club. Monteagle, Tenn. • John Jeffers — Tarrant, Ala. • 
Eugene Jordan — Band Manager. Birmingham, Ala. • Sara Jordan — Bir- 
mingham, Ala. • Tom Jordan — Pi Kappa Phi. Guntersville, Ala. • Dewey 
Lamar Lackey — Birmingham, Ala. • Evan Lewis — Band. Birmingham, Ala. 

• Winston Lewis — Birmingham, Ala. • Ruth Livingston — Y. W. C. A. 
Round Mountain, Ala. • Ralph Mackey — Pi Kappa Alpha. Center, Ala. • 
Dorothy Martin — Alpha Delta Pi. Dietetics Club, Y. W. C. A. Birmingham, 
Ala. • Leon Megginson — Mobile, Ala. • Eugene C. Meyer — Pi Kappa 
Alpha — Mobile, Ala. • L. C. Mullins, Jr. — Helena, Ala. • Quinton 
Musik — Guntersville, Ala. • Grover McCain — Pi Kappa Phi. Notasulga, 
Ala. • Jean McDaniel — Birmingham, Ala. • Katie Lee McKinney — Beta 
Sigma Omicron. Y. W. C A., Dietetics Club, Y. W. A. Tuscumbia, Ala. • 
Jack McLendon — Irondale, Ala. • Evelyn McNeff — Beta Sigma Omicron. 
Y. W. C A. Birmingham, Ala. • George Newman — Pi Kappa Phi. Gunters- 
ville, Ala. 


/ im/ A'.-B Mary Nidioti, Lcwii Noma, Madge 

Owen, Elizabeth Pennev. Clarence Phillips, Grady 
Phillips. Second Hon: Helen Plichta. EdgU Prince, 

Gather Putman. I.erenzo Reeves. Bill Riddle. I B 
Kiddle . / h-irj R,i» : John Rogers, Anne Scannellv. 
Nova Self. Helen Sharhutt. Rosemary Sharp. 1> 
Sims, hi'urth K„* Marguerite Smith, Lillian Snow, 

Robert Snow. Helen Strickland, Robert Tee!. 
Dorothy Trammel!. Fifth Ri*9 : Francis Tucker. 
Lavtnia Ward. Frances Wardsworth. Dudley 
Watkins. Rees Watkms. Margaret Watts Sixth 

Row: Ann Weaver, Audrey Welch. Qellir Wilbom, 
.1 H W.ldt. Robert Wilson, Madeline Wood 
Hen Yancey, 


Mary Nichols — Y. W. C. A., Booklovers. Bessemer, Ala. • Lewis Norris — 
Football. Frisco City, Ala. • Madge Owen — Secretary-Treasurer Freshman 
Class, Y. W. A. Dadeville, Ala. ° Elizabeth Penney — Gadsden, Ala. • 
Clarence Phillips — Ministerial Student, Y. M. C. A. Alexander City, Ala. • 
Grady Phillips — Pi Kappa Alpha. Birmingham, Ala. • Helen Plichta — 
Y. W. C. A., Booklovers. Fairfield, Ala. • Edgar Prnce — Sigma Nu. Bir- 
mingham, Ala. ° Oather H. Putman, Jr. — Pi Kappa Alpha. Band. Bir- 
mingham, Ala. • Lerenzo Reeves — Y. M. C. A., Glee Club, Masquers, Ushers 
Club. Birmingham, Ala. • Bill Riddle — Football. Columbiana, Ala. • L. B. 
Riddle — Football. Columbiana, A!a. e John A. Rogers — Springville, Ala. * 
Anne Scannelly — Booklovers, Y. W. C. A. (Social Comm. Chr. Fresh. Comm.) . 
Bessemer, Ala. • Nova Self — Baileyton, Ala. • Helen Sharbutt — Vin- 
cent, Ala. • Rosemary Sharp — Alpha Delta Pi. Birmingham, Ala. • Dor- 
sey Sims — Birmingham, Ala. • Marguerite Smith — Dietetics Club. Birming- 
ham, Ala. • Lillian Snow — Y. W. A. Jasper, Ala. • Robert Snow — Pi 
Kappa Alpha. Kappa Psi. Birmingham, Ala. • Helen Strxkland — Phi Mu. 
Y. W. C. A. Birmingham, Ala. ° Robert Teel— Rockford, Ala. • Doro- 
thy Trammell — Alpha Delta Theta. Birmingham, Ala. • Francis Tucker 
— Pi Kappa Phi. Camp Hill, Ala. • Lavinia Ward— Alpha Delta Theta. 
Birmingham, Ala. • Frances Wardsworth — Beta Sigma Omicron. Y. W. A., 
Dietetics Club. Dora, Ala. • Dudley Watkins — Birmingham, Ala. • Lo- 
retta Rees Watkins — Y. W. C. A., Crimson Staff. Oxford, Ala. • Marga- 
ret Watts— Y. W. C. A. Huntsville, Ala. • Ann Weaver— Y. W. C. A. 
Cabinet, Student Council, Vice-President Fresh. Comm., Y. W. C. A., Booklovers, 
Glee Club. Talladega, Ala. • Audrey Welch — Y. W. C. A., Booklovers. 
Birmingham, Ala. • Cl ELLI1 Wii.born, Jr. — Sigma Nu. Ushers Club. Bir- 
mingham, Ala. • J. H. Wildt — Birmingham, Ala. • Robert Wilson — 
Pinson, Ala. • Madeline Wood — Alpha Delta Pi. Art Club. Birmingham. 
Ala. • Mary ELLEN YANCEY— Y. W. C. A, Y. W. A., B. S. U., Booklovers. 
Camp Hill, Ala. 

161 1 


± EATURED in the following sections are the two 
most popular athletic activities at Howard College, 
football and basketball. The heroes that enabled us 
to win over our opponents in that football classic, 
the Howard-Southern game, are pictured here along 
with the stellar basketball teams of near champions. 
We laud the past efforts and successes of all par- 
ticipants of athletic activities and hope for greater 
successes in the future. 




• • • 


Hari.ey Hopkins President 

Boyte Stone Vice-President 

Leonard Burton Secretary 

Nathan Schenker Treasurer 

Herman Hodces Sergeant-at-Arms 

I'm. mack TUGGLE Custodian 


Harley Hopkins 
Herman Hodges 
Jimmy Carter 
Nathan Schenker 
Hugh Smith 
Boyce Stone 
Joe Gann 
Clyde Whii i 
Hy\ B rowdy 
George Daugherty 
Willard Huckaby 

R Field 

Otis Hardi 
Marvin Crawford 
Bruce Little 
Leonard Bi rton 


Harlow Cather 

William Bell 
Charley Davis 
T. A. Windham 
J. L. Brock 
Fred Turner 

The Howard student body was lead in yells 
under the capable leadership of Jimmie Redd, 
head cheerleader, with Margaret Rurford, 
Jappie Bryant, Gordon Berry, Billie Gwin, 
and Joe GompertS as assistants. 



The coaching staff of Howard is consid- 
ered one of the best, having as head football 
and basketball coach William H. Bancroft, 
better known to the Howard students as 
"Coach Bill." He has been coach since his 
graduation from Howard in 1928. Coach 
Bill was assistant football and freshman bas- 
ketball coach for seven years, being made 
head coach and athletic director upon the 
resignation of "Shorty" Propst in 1935. 
During his four years at Howard, Coach 
Bill has led the Bulldogs to the Dixie Con- 
ference Championship twice. And this year 
he led the Bulldogs to one of the greatest 
victories of the season, that of winning over 
our rival Birmingham-Southern 25-0. 

Assisting Coach Bill was Coach Raymond 
Davis, known to the students as "Coach 
Ray." He was one of the best centers while 
playing football at Howard, and now known 
as one of the best line coaches in the South. 


Coach Ray has recently resigned from How- 
ard, accepting a position at Louisiana Tech. 
Coach Jim Stewart will resign his duties as 
freshman coach and become line coachman 
for the Bulldogs. 

The Howard College Bulldogs captained 
by Herman Hodges and alternated by Boyce 
Stone is herein congratulated for their splen- 
did football season. Even more important 
than winning is the sportsmanship with 
which they conduct themselves on and off 
the gridiron. Howard's scrappy Bulldogs 
opened their 1938 football schedule against 
the Mississippi State Maroons at Starkvillc, 
Mississippi. The Bulldogs held the Southern 
team scoreless during the first half and only 
after the second half had begun did the 
Staters score. The score was 19-0 in favor of 
Mississippi, but the Bulldogs were to be 
praised for their excellent play. They had 
the ball on State's 2-yard line when the 
whistle blew ending the first half. In the 
Howard offense Clyde White and Joe Gann 
were the outstanding stars, while all the line- 
men were playing good ball and opening wide 
holes for the offense. On the Saturday fol- 
lowing the Mississippi State game the Bull- 
dogs journeyed down to play the Alabama 
Crimson Tide at Tuscaloosa. The Tide was 
too much for Howard, and the score was 
34-0 in favor of Alabama. Alabama made 
whole team substitutions, and the so-called 
second team outdid the first team. How- 
ard's scoring efforts were bottled up suffi- 
cient'y to hold them within midfield most a'' 
the afternoon. The Howard line played goo"! 
ball again and George Daugherty and Bruce 
L'ttle averaged 37 yards in 1 1 punts. 



As manager, "Cheese" Turner is seen here faithfully keeping 
the pigskin ready for the Bulldogs 

Below: Charlie Davis, Willard Huckaby, Boyce Stone, Her- 
man Hodges, Joe Gann, Jimmy Carter, Otis Hardy, Bruce 
Little, Clyde White, Kenneth Morgan, Auxford Watkins, 
Hugh Smith, Kilburn Elrod, Jack Morgan, Gordon Golson, 
T. A. Windham, Sam Golman, Marvin Crawford, Harley 
Hopkins, Bill Ross, Pat Courington, Bill Hammond, Talmadge 
Tuggle, Nathan Schenker, J. L. Brock, Charles Douglas, 
George Daugherty, Irby Seigler. 

Howard next met Western Kentucky State 
Teacher's College, and the inefficiency to hold 
the ball while running plays cost the Dogs 
the game. Western won 6-0, but Howard 
lost numerous scoring chances by fumbles. 
There was a total of 8 fumbles made by the 
Bulldogs. The team as a whole showed good 
spirit in this game and had tough luck in 
losing such a hard-fought game. Howard 
next played Chattanooga in Chattanooga 
and the Bulldogs really outplayed the Mocca- 
sins although they lost 13-6. Howard dom- 
inated the whole ball game, even though they 
lost. Time and time again they marched 
deep into Chattanooga territory only to be 
held for downs or penalized. Chattanooga 
made 8 first downs to 9 for Howard. Yards 
gained were 239 for Chattanooga and 396 
for Howard. The outstanding Bulldogs were 
Windham and Daugherty in the backfield 
and Captain Hodges and Schenker and 
Tuggle in the line. For Chattanooga Terry, 
Orend and Barbee were the outstanding men. 

"lie G R I D I R 





rhe Bulldog < \c\ i a "t i <> 3S 
\\a- lead into battle by Cap- 
tain Herman Hodges, oi 
Hartford, Ala. Herman, a 
n od pass receiver and de- 
fensive man will be greatlj 
missed next year. ("<>-Capt. 
Boyce Stone, 1mm Albertville, 
has shown unusual ability 
on the gridiron f< r hi- con- 
sistent playing at guard. 
These t\\" captains will long 
he remembered for their 
leadership at Howard. 


There are nine of these outstanding 
Bulldogs who have made history for 
their Alma Mater. They have taken off 
their football togs, never to wear again 
on the gridiron for Howard, but in the 
minds of the many students they will 
wear their togs forever. Gentlemen, I 
give you Herman Hodges, captain of the 
1939 Bulldogs. Herman has starred at 
Howard for three years at the end posi- 
tion. In his junior year he was alter- 
nate captain of the team and in his 
senior he was one of the outstanding per- 
formers. He was voted on the second 

All-Conference team. Boyce Stone, al- 
ternate captain, was one of the sturdy 
linemen who made the Howard forewall 
famous for its staunch defense and its 
hole opening on the offense. He will be 
sorely missed next year. Hugh Smith, 
another lineman whose name will always 
be remembered for his swell performance 
against the Panthers. Hugh was a reg- 
ular performer at a guard position. Joe 
Gann, first string quarterback, led the 
team while on the field. His general- 
ship was always excellent and his quick 
thinking saved the team many times dur- 





Joe Gann, Boyce 
Stone, Herman 
Hodges, Clyde 
White, Nathan 
Schenker, Jimmie 

Carter, Harley Hop- 
kins, Hugh Smith, 
Bill Ross. 




n i; i 



Bruce Little, Irby 
Seigler, J. L. Brock. 
Marvin Crawford, T. 
A. Windham, Tal- 
madge Tuggle, Ken- 
neth Morgan, Pat 
Courington, Willard 
Huckaby, George 

I 70 1 

a u 


ing the season. He did most of the 
kicking for the extra point and led inter- 
ference for the ball carriers. Clyde 
White, star halfback, was All-Confer- 
ence his junior year, but injuries kept 
him on the sidelines most of his senior 
year. However, when able to play, he 
was one of the best backs on the squad. 
His performance against Southern was 
an excellent day's work and will long be 
remembered. Harley Hopkins, sensa- 
tional halfback, returned to his form his 
senior year and led the Bulldogs to a 
very successful season. He was injured 
his junior year, but his sophomore and 
senior years Harley was an outstanding 
yard gainer and scorer and was honor- 
able mention for little Ail-American this 

year. Nathan Schenker, Howard's All- 
Dixie Conference for two years and All- 
S. I. A. A. on the second team, was 
without doubt the leader of the Howard 
line. This 215-pound lineman will be 
hard to replace next year. James Carter 
was Howard's reliable understudy at the 
quarterback position. Quick to figure 
out the opposition's defense, this man 
was rushed into the game to help the 
offense. Jimmie was a good blocker and 
a good signal caller. Bill Ross was the 
only senior center on the club, and his 
experience helped to steady the club more 
than any other factor. His good per- 
formance against Southern was his best 
of the year. A big husky player like Ross 
will be missed next year. 

Goldman, Schenker, Smith, Golson, Stone, Tuggle, Hodges, 
Crawford, Daugherty, Gann, Windham. 


Outstanding were the plays made by both 
teams this season in which they exhibited 
power, speed and defensive strength. It was 
in the Spring Hill victory that Sam Gold- 
man, 200 pounds, from Cleveland, Ohio, 
made the first touchdown, and George 
Daughcrty. 180 pounds, Cleveland, Ohio, 
made the second touchdown. As tackles, 
Nathan Schenker, 200 pounds, from Cleve- 
land, Ohio, and Boyce Stone, 184 pounds, 
from Albertville, were great. Gordon Gol- 
son, 195 pounds, was the starting center. 
Known for his splendid blocking was Jo? 
Gann, 165 pounds, from Birmingham. T. 
A. Windham, 168 pounds, from Hartford, 
exhibited some fine punting during the sea- 
son. From Oak Grove comes Talmadge 
Tuggle, 220 pounds, tackle, which Howard 
proudly boasts. Hugh Smith, 163 pounds, 
guard from Birmingham, and Herman 
Hodges, 175 pounds, from Hartford, were 
two of the outstanding seniors, who helped 
make up this first string eleven. It is the 

second team which cause the members of the 
first team to put out in order to keep their 
places. Willard Huckaby, 185 pounds, from 
Lafayette, will be captain of the 1940 "Bull- 
dogs." Others on the second team were: 
Auxford Watkins, 195 pounds, Birmingham, 
end; Charlie Davis, 175 pounds, tackle, Bir- 
mingham; Kilburn Elrod, 185 pounds, guard, 
Douglas; Bill Ross, 170 pounds, center, Ro- 
selle Park, N. J.; Jack Moore, 195 pounds, 
guard, Birmingham; William Hammond, 175 
pounds, end, Reform; Harley Hopkins, 170 
pounds, back, Hueytown; Bruce Little, 158 
pounds, back, Piedmont; J. L. Brock, 175 
pounds, back, Gadsden; Kenneth Morgan, 
160 pounds, back, Alabama City; Jimmie 
Carter, back, 150 pounds, Mobile; Otis 
Hardy, 147 pounds, back, Alexander City; 
Clyde White, 157 pounds, back, Hanceville; 
Murphy Courington, 190 pounds, center, 
Jasper; Charles Douglas, 180 pounds, center, 
Parrish; Irby Seigler, 190 pounds, tackle, 


Left to right: Watkins. Davis, Elrod, Ross, Moore, Huckaby, Hammond, Hopkins, 
Little, Brock, Morgan 

ft ft M 

* - 



First Row: White, Elrod, Watlcins. Second Row: Hammond. 
Goldman, Davis. Third Row: Golson, Douglas, Moore. 


Look at that scoreboard . . . that's just 
what everyone was saying, when those touch- 
downs were being piled up for Howard. Once 
again the Panthers and the Bulldogs met for 
the annual Battle-of-the-Marne, in which the 
Bulldogs successfully and overwhelmingly 
won. Just take another look at that score- 

board, 25-0. After that one point loss last 
year, those Bulldogs were determined, if it 
was a whole year later. Rain . . . Cloudy 
. . . Cold . . . Yes, but who would mind a 
little thing like that, when dear old Howard 
was marching on to Victory? Howard was 
kept rather back on its heels during the first 
quarter, but after that was when the fun 
began. Howard thus took the ball on its 
own 28 just as the second quarter began 
and drove 72 yards to a first touchdown in 
10 plays. Daugherty carried the ball eight 
times, and on his last carry broke through 
the line and then away from a mass of Pan- 
thers who seemed to have him in tow to run 
24 yards across the goal. The second touch- 
down, fashioned on the fourth play after 
the return to the field following the half in- 
termission was much simpler in the reacquisi- 
tion. The kick-off was returned to the How- 
ard 39 and Daugherty tore off 12 yards on 
the first play. No gain, four yards, both by 
Daugherty, and Joe Gann called a pass. 
White threw it 29 yards or so to Hodges, 
who was speeding down the left sideline. The 


Bulldog captain caught it on the dead run 
just beyond two Panthers and sprinted on to 
an added six points for the Bulldogs. The 
White-Crawford aerial combination worked 
for a 39-yard score early in the fourth quar- 
ter, running the count to 18 to 0. Daugherty 
again got away, breaking through a wide gap 
in the Panther line for 78 yards, making his 
second and the Bulldog's fourth touchdown. 

Several other outstanding players on the 
Howard eleven were Nathan Schenker and 
Willard Huckaby, the tackles who exhibited 
some fine playing against their rivals. Each 
of the Bulldogs is to be CONGRATU- 
LATED on his fine playing, in showing the 
many fans that they were the masters of the 
gridiron at Legion Field. Truly a heart 
breaker for Birmingham-Southern. 

Here are some of 
the typical scenes 
taken of the Bulldog-, 
on the gridiron . . . 
the bonfire held an- 
nually before the 
Battle - of - the - 
Marne . . . Freshman 
Lewis Norris receiv- 
ing his prize, a shave 
... A Heart Breaker, 
the Howard slogan 
. . . "Miss Howard," 
Ellen Ruth Isbell . . . 
another typical gag 
. . . and the Band 


, 12 

* f 

w t ^, tl; lv 


First Row: Billie Riddle, Durwood Wi iraof Wl ~^-ie, Kennie Baker, W. D. Howell. 

Center Row: Coach Stuart, Charles Quails, Vincent Ralph, Da»id Drake, Lewis Norris, Randle 

Arante. Dan Zobrosky, Coach Snell. Third Row: Ralph Sibley, Waltine Jackson, L. B. Riddle, 

Robert Armstrong, Woodrow Taylor, Carl Folds, Frank Haynes, Dwight Stone 


F R E S 


The Howard College Bullpups, under the 
able coaching of Coach Stuart and Snell, 
had a most successful season, winning four 
games and losing only one. The Bullpups 
opened the season with the Mississippi Frosh. 
in which thev met their onlv defeat. 6-0. 
The Chattanooga Rats were licked. 6-0. The 
Pups next met the Jacksonville Frosh, plav- 
ing one of the best games of the season, and 
coming through with a 26-0 victory. St. 
Bernard bowed to the Howard Freshman. 
13-0. Then came another thriller, when in 
their last game the Bullpups came out vic- 
torious over their arch-rivals, the Southern 
Panthers. 14-6. Outstanding Pups in this 

game were. Kennie Baker, end; Durwood 
Williamson, halfback: Darse Faughender. 
center: and Dan Zobroskv. fullback. Other 
members of the first-string eleven are "Fats" 
Hause. quarterback: David Drake, guard: 
Lewis Norris. guard: Vincent Ralph, half- 
back: Waltine Jackson, end: Robert Arm- 
strong, tackle: W. D. Howell, tackle: Wood- 
row Tavlor. tackle; Dwight Stone, end: and 
Charles Quails, center. Other outstanding 
plavers during the season were: Billie Ridd'e. 
guard: Randle Arante. halfback: Ralph S'b- 
lcv. guard: L. B. Riddle, tackle: Carl Fo'd^. 
guard, and Frank Havnes. fullback. Each 
plavcr is to be congratulated upon his fine 
plaving and willing spirit. 



The Bullpups again exhibited some fine 
playing, when they won 10 basketball games 
out of 16. They showed superior floor work 
over Warrior, gaining a 56-34 victory, and a 
60-49 victory over the Sixth Ave. Preds. The 
Pups won two games over Tarrant City 43- 
28, 47-32, and two over Stockham, 42-32 and 
52-38. They won one game each over Phil- 
lips, 33-29; Hokes Bluff, 49-26; Birmingham- 
Southern, 33-31, and Barber's Dairy, 39-35. 
The Bullpups lost one game to Barber's 
Dairy, 29-31 and one to Ensley, 41-51. Two 
losses went to the strong Alabama team, 21- 

40 and 31-51. The Pups, in the last two 
games of the season lost by a close margin to 
their cross-town rivals Birmingham-Southern, 
36-42 and 30-32. There was some valuable 
material among this group of Bullpups, ma- 
terial that may graduate into the varsity next 
year. This deserving team was composed of: 
David Drake, guard; Orville "Fats" Hause, 
guard; Billie Gwin, forward; Durwood Wil- 
liamson, guard; Dan Zobrosky, guard; Darse 
Faughender, center; Carl Folds, guard; John 
Jeffers, forward; Waltine Jackson, forward; 
Kennie Baker, guard; and Ralph Sibley, 

Seated: Ralph Sibley, Manager. First Row: David Drake, "Fats" 

Hause, Billie Gwin, Durwood Williamson, Dan Zobrosky. Second 

Row: Darse Faughender, Carl Folds, John Jeffers, Waltine Jackson, 

Kennie Baker 

M E N • • • 


This is reason number one why Howard had such a successful 
basketball team this season. Coach Jim Stuart is seen here 
giving instructions to four outstanding Bulldogs. Left to 
right, Coach Stuart, Clyde White, "Cheese" Turner, Dave 
Telford, Eddie Welch. 


The Howard Basketball team had one of 
the best seasons in the history of the school 
when it won 24 games and lost 5. This is 
an outstanding record because some of the 
best teams in the South were played. They 
were the University of Alabama, Mississippi 
State College, Mississippi College, the Cel- 
tics, Jacksonville State Teachers College, 
and Millsaps. Howard lost one game to Mis- 

sissippi State, one to Jacksonville and one to 
the Celtics by a two-point margin. Alabama 
defeated the Bulldogs by 8 points, and Mis- 
sissippi College defeated them by 10 points. 
However, Howard revenged the losses to Mis- 
sissippi State and Jacksonville by defeating 
them by narrow margins in the other games. 
Mississippi College was defeated twice by the 
Bulldogs, but the Bulldogs lost the final game 

[78 1 



* * 

in the tournament to them and thereby mak- 
ing Mississippi College the Dixie Conference 
champions and Howard the runner-up. In 
league competition Howard had an un- 
equaled record. The Bulldogs won 14 games 
and lost one. These wins included 2 over 
Mississippi College, 2 from Millsaps, 3 from 
Birmingham-Southern, 2 from Chattanooga, 
2 from Southwestern, 2 from Mercer, and 
one from Loyola. The only loss was to Mis- 
sissippi College. In the "Big Five" race the 
Bulldogs ran roughshod over all competition, 
winning 8 games and losing none. The Big 
Five trophy now belongs to Howard and the 
City College trophy rests beside it because 
the Southern Panthers fell three times before 
the Bulldogs in quick succession. Howard 
was easily the winner in all three games. 

Other wins for this outstanding team in- 
cluded Northeast Center Louisiana Tech 
and Southern University from Lakeland, 
Florida. The team this past year depended 
on Baker and Goldman to get the ball from 
the backboards and get it up the floor to 
Telford, Burks, and Turner. This is known 
as the fast break — then if the basket wasn't 
made the Bulldogs set up under their basket 
and worked out plays given them by the 
coach. This system led to the most success- 
ful season in years at Howard. Coach Jim 
Stuart did one of the best coaching jobs in 
the history of Howard when he led his 
charges through 24 victories out of the 29 
games played. Coach Stuart and his players 
are to be congratulated on such a fine basket- 
ball team. 

First Row: "Cheese" Turner, Leonard Burton, Harlow Cather, Eddie 

Welch, Dave Telford. Second Row: James Gurley, Sam Goldman 

Ben Browdy, Nathan Schenker, Clyde White, Dennis Ingram, Howard 

Burks, Herman Hodges. Brutus Baker. 

7/ t 

Dave Telford, senior guard, 
had the best year of his career 
when he scored 240 points. Tel- 
ford was once p'aced on the 
All-Conference team, and this 
vear he was an unanimous choice 
for All-Conference first team. 
A'ternate Captain Ben Browdv. 
although not p'aying all the 
time, saw plenty of servic<\ 
Mrnv will remember his sensa- 
tional shot against Mississ : ppi 
College, and always this player 
was ready to pull Howard out of 
a tight spot. Howard Burks was 
the main cog in the Howard 
offense, and was the leading 
scorer with a total of 300 points 
for the year. He is an All- 
Conference man in his junior 
year and also honorable mention 
for All-American. Sam Gold- 
man, the only sophomore on the 
starting line-up, was a good fol- 
low man and could pass with the 

Left to right: Turner, Baker, Burton, Burks, 

Gurley, Browdy, Goldman, Hodges, Welch, 

Cather, White, Schenker. 


* • 

best of the players. Brutus Baker, senior cen- 
ter, finished his college career as a member of 
the second All-Conference team. In his first 
year Brutus was All-Conference. Good at fol- 
lowing and defense, this center scored 217 
points. James Gurley, another tall man who 
devoted most of his time to following the ball, 
was a senior with plenty of experience. Edwin 
Welch, a sophomore sensation who could always 
be re'ied upon, is one of the most promising bas- 
ketball players ever to enter Howard. Herman 
Hodges, a veteran of many years experience, was 
always ready to lend a helping hand when the 
game got tough and rugged. Harlow Cather 
and Leonard Burton, two former Woodlawn 
cagers, were always ready to go in and give the 
game a little pep by their fast passing and 
clever ball handling. Last but not least comes 
Nathan Schenker, the sturdy eager who always 
gave the fans a show of brain and brawn work- 
ing at the same time. He was a favorite of the 
eager fans and always showed up to fine play- 
ing ability. 

Captain Dave Telford lead the Bulldogs with great 
interest playing excellent ball himself, and having 
as his Alternate Captain Ben Browdy, who also 
showed unusual ability in some of his outstanding 


Ellen Ruth Isbell and Arminda Howell are the only two 

members of W. A. A. who have won their letters by 

completing the required number of points to entitle 

them to this honor. 


I i.i.i \ Ri i ii Ism u Presidt nt 

Hki nice Cain Vice-Pn tident 

Ernestine Lucas Secretary 

Bede I) whs Treasun i 

The Women's Athletic Association was 
founded at Howard in 1930, and has since 
that time been one of the outstanding or- 
ganizations on the campus for women. 

Front Row: Ellen Ruth Isbell, Ernestine Lucas, Brunice 

Cain, Bede Davies, Martha Taylor. Second Row: Arminda 

Howell, Mary Maloi e, Mary Lee Vines, Rose Watkins, 

Marguerite Payne. 

I «: I 


Fostering sportsmanship and promoting a 
love of activity for its own sake are the 
two paramount purposes of the W. A. A. 
Any girl according to the point system, 
who has fifty points is admitted to the as- 
sociation. The points are gained by com- 
ing out for seven practices in one of the 
major sports. To obtain a letter in ath- 
letics, a member must earn 750 points in 
sports. The sports program and point 
system have been reorganized so that 
smaller groups can participate at any 
time. Counselors were elected at the be- 
ginning of the year to promote the various 
activities by organizing groups to partici- 
pate in the major sports. The counselors 
are Marguerite Payne, bicycling; Martha 
Taylor, skating; Bede Davies, tennis; 
Brunice Cain, badminton, and Rose Wat- 
kins, hiking. The W. A. A. sponsors a 
district play day for high school girls of 
Walker and Jefferson counties during the 
fall. Members of the association act as 
group leaders and referees for the games 
during the program. 

Members: Ellen Ruth Isbell, Brunice 
Cain, Ernestine Lucas, Bede Davies, Rose 
Watkins, Marguerite Payne, Arminda 
Howell, Martha Taylor, Mary Lee Vines, 
Mary Malone. 

Left to Right: Miss Grace Wilson, instructor . . . Play- 
ing Badminton: Brunice Cain, Arminda Howell, Martha 
Taylor, Ellen Ruth Isbell . . . Bow, Arrow: Bede Davies, 
Ellen Ruth Isbell, Rose Watkins, Mary Lee Vines . . . 
Getting ready to play: Brunice Cain, Ernestine Lucas, 
Arminda Howell, Mary Malone . . . Basketball: Ar- 
minda Howell, Rose Watkins, Mary Lee Vines, Ellen 
Ruth Isbel, Brunice Cain, Mary Malone, Martha Taylor. 


ERE you caught? Enlightening photos of cam- 
pus "cut-ups" and "tete-a-tetes" appear in the 
glimpses and revelations following. The beauties of 
Howard College who were chosen by competent 
judges are on display in the beauty section and the 
list of the "Who's Who Contest" winners appears. 
The staffs and members of both the Entre Nous 
and Crimson publications are featured. We leave 
these pages of "somebodies" "nobodies" with the 


f aun 

Selects the 

Miss Loretta Young, 
beautiful Hollywood 
actress selected the six 
most beautiful coeds at 
Howard College from a 
group of twelve chosen 
at the annual Beauty 
Parade held last fall. 

%*^J> sX " 


jo^ ^ 





>°v* otf< 











i. |imm\ Reiki leading the Howardites in a yell at 
Legion Field. 2. Howard's best dressed boy, D. C. 
Stringfellow, 3. Ivdia Haisten and Edith Hale iuM 

OUt "t class, 4. See it miu know this group ot the 

t.iirir sex. s. Fred rhrash, a distinguished preacher. 
6. I ilitli Jones, Bettj Riddle, Virginia McGinty, llar- 
riit Esco on a Sunday stroll. 7. We'll lei you cuf^ 
this one. 8. Sti^lt-r, Telford, and Schenkei believe in 
ice cream. 9. Back home again. 10, St rick. Thorn:on, 
Waters, and Watkins. 11. Ralph after his political 
address. 12. Supporting the arch. 1 ?. Yea, Freshmen. 
1; \t tlu old hall yamc. 1 >. More Freshmen. i'' 

Fight, Golson, fight I 17. Baruej Brock poses just 

after a round in the Howard Chapel. iS. " The Tam- 
ing ol the Shrew." i<;. Playing leap irag. 20. Lillian 
Albright anil Olive Pose} resting. 21. Olive rates 
another picture. 22. Coach "Hill" takes time off to 
pose. 2',. Charlie, who is the ^irl friend? 24. Inn 
prominent Freshmen. :;. "Miss I.lrod," a new II" 
Club member. 26. Captain Hodges and Courington off 
the gridiron. 27. Isenhour poses tor a moment. 
comfortable se.u tor two. 29, Lillian, Ed, Wilena and 
Bruce all dressed up. 

[94 J 






Blanche Walls Editor-in-Chief 

Eros Langston Business Manager 

Hal Bennett issistant Editor 

Gene Clamor issistant Business Manager 

Harriet Esco Society Editor 

Ada Poweli issistant Society Editor 

Mary Virginia McGint\ issistant Society Editor 

Cecil King Sports Editor 

The Howard Crimson is in its twenty-fourth year of publica- 
tion. It is published weekly by the students of Howard College, 
and is truly the "Mirror of Campus Life." The Crimson is 
representative of all students, faculty, and organizations. Each 
year the classes publish one edition of The Crimson, and then a 
loving cup is awarded to the editor whose issue is judged the 
best. This creates an interest in journalism and creative writing. 
Every Friday Howard students are seen on the campus, walking 
down the streets and on the street cars reading their Favorite 
newspaper. May The Crimson continue in the main years to 
come to be an integral part of the college life of the Howard 




P U B L I C A T 

O N 

Arminda I low ii. i Editor-in-Chief 

\\ \ \tt Pope Business Manager 

The Entre Nous is the annual publication of 
Howard College. The words "Entre Nous" are 
taken from the French language and mean "be- 
tween us." This is truly characteristic of our 
annual, as its contents portray the life and ac- 
tivities of the students on the Howard Campus. 
It is very difficult to place each person in the 
annual unless the staff has the full cooper?tion 
of both the students and faculty members. We 
have with much effort endeavored to place each 
person and organization. We realize the inad- 

vertencies of the book and can only ask that 
you will be considerate of our efforts. The Entre 
Nous has lived through these many years at How- 
ard, and will probably continue being the leading 
publication of this institution. It has been our 
aim to give to the students a concise view of 
our college days at Howard. If we haven't, we 
feel that we have failed in our aim. But, we 
hope that you will find much happiness, when 
turning through these pages of the Entre Nous, 
and in the years to come, treasure its contents. 

I 96) 


Arminda Howeli Editor-in-Chief Joe Healev .... 

William Weaver hsistant Editor Brutus Baker . . . . 

Alice Waters Society Editor Farnsworth Hairston 

Ruth Oliver Sorority Editor Grady Phillips . . . 

Rose Watkins Senior Editor Paul Anderson . . . 

Jack Thompson Senior Editor Margi erite Payne . 

. . Fraternity Editor 

■ . . . Sports Editor 

. . Associate Editor 

. . Associate Editor 

. . Associatt Editor 

. . Associate Editor 


Wyatt Pope Business Manage) 


It is with the greatest appreciation that the 
editor and business manager wish to thank the 
following people who assisted in compiling the 
material for this issue of the Entre Nous: Mr. 
Joe Ledbetter and Mr. R. G. Benson, of the 

Benson Printing Company; Mr. Faerber and 
Miss Waters of the Alabama Engraving Com- 
pany; Mr. Francis Falkenburg, of the Alabama 
Theatre, and Dr. J. L. Brakcfield, who fur- 
nished an office for the staff. 

i. Lib. Holcomb I'i Kappa Alpha "Dream Girl." 2. 
Do you recognize it? 3. Bruce and Wilena leaving 
Howard. 4. Howard gag in the '38 Howard-Southern 

parade. 5. George (Jroff I'i Kappa Alpha seem- to 
be in a hurry. 6. Prances Johnson, one of the Howard 
beauties. 7, Strolling into "Main" at 8:30. 8. George 

(Jrotf and his girl friend. <). Headed for home now. 
I"- Girls get off tin ear tracks! Phi Mil's should 
know better than that. 11. Look out! Politicing I bet. 
ii. Leaving I. ah. tor the day. 13. Science Hall in the 
snow. 14. "Main" looking beautiful in the snow. 
iv Oohl don't look now but he forgot his clothes. 
16. Ah! a touchdown for Howard, making the s,-,ire 

2>-o. 17. Mr. Heal) and Miss rhompson beaded tor 

College Inn after one ol thos< hour and half classes. 
18. Drum Major Han Murnane directing the Howard 
band down the street just before the "Hattlc-of-th •- 
Marne." 19. Just after the) were tapped tor Hypatia. 
20. Leaving the I'i Kappa Alpha house. 21. A sweet 
scene indeed. 22. Kentro Hall. i\. A s n .,w scene of 
Howard campus. 24. Three "wizards" of the Science 
Hall. 2,. Looking at "Maine" through the arch. 26. 
George and Lib stroll off together. 27. Ready for 
work. 28. Bruce and Wilena again. 29. Phi Mu float. 
30. Ma\ Day at Howard. 31. Right wing of Renfroe. 
32. Dave I elford hurrving off to class. 


i. These popular A. I . D. members pose foi their pic- 
ture. 2. Brock and Huckabj talk tilings over. 3. 
Boyce Stone and "Red" Anderson taking life easy. 
1 \iiih Weaver taking advantage 01 another fresh 
man. 5, Ed. Strickland trying to budget hi-- time. 
6. The B, S. I . Council ;iv thej returned to Howard 
lasl fall. 7. D. C. i-. kindly helping the freshman fix 
up "brother rat." s. Two gentlemen, the Niager broth 
ers, 0, "Cheese" furnei happil) at work. n>. 1. \ 

Windham all dressed up. 11. Gene Claytor read) i> 1 
the party. 12. June Causej read) I'M a game ol tennis. 
13. Brutus and "Cheese" seem (<> be in a bad humor. 
1 1 Can you identify these sweet little freshmen? 
1 ;. Ilarlc\ Hopkins entering politics. 16. Or. Bliss and 
his "Guinea Pigs." 17. Orvilli "I at*" Hause, a future 
football turn. is. s< < li \nu can find your favorite 

I v» l 




Wyatt Pope 
Dorothy Lockett 
Ralph Field 

Jappie Bryant 
Herman Hodges 
Ei i en Ruth Isbi i i 


Most Handsome Boy 

Most Beautiful Girl 

Most Popular Boy, Most Outstanding Boy, Most Promising Boy 


Most Popular Girl 
Best Boy Athlete 
Best Girl Athlete 

I i oo J 


{Catherine Walker 
D. C. Stringfellow 
Jeanne Martin 

Henrv Anderton 
Charles Clark 
Robbie Owings 

Most Outstanding Girl, Most Intelligent Girl. Most Promising Girl 

/v>/ Dressed /vi 
Best Dressed Girl 


Most Nonchalant Person 

Most Intelligent Bo) 

Most Glamorous ( 'ch d 

I 101 J 

1 HE students of Howard College are proud and 
vitally interested in the numerous organizations 
found on the campus. The illustrations and com- 
ments herein made concern every society including 
honor societies, social fraternities and sororities, lit- 
erary societies, and any organization that benefits the 
student or college. The social organizations offer 
amusement for their members, and members of the 
honor societies are benefitted and in turn benefit 
their societies. 


Seated: Kalph Field. Preudenl. Left lo Right; Henry Anderton. (Catherine Walker. Fred 

Turner, Ann Weaver, J. L. Brock, Lincoln Newman, D. C. Stringfellow, Margaret Burford. 

Harry Teel . Lydia Haistens, Jack Thompson. Gussie Burton. 

The Student Council, which is the highest 
student governing group at Howard, has 
the responsible job of supervising the busi- 
ness affairs of the student body. The pres- 
ident of the student body who is elected by 
popular vote, presides over the meetings of 
the Council. The representatives in the 
Student Council are elected from their re- 
spective classes at the rate of four from the 
senior class, three from the junior class, two 
from the sophomore class, and one from 
the freshman class. Serving with President 
Ralph Field are: D. C. Stringfellow, Vice- 
President; Gussie Burton, Secretary; Jack 
Thompson, Treasurer, and the representa- 
tives from the four different classes. 

Top Ki'u : Ralph Held, D. C. Stringfellow 
Bottom /v<>u : Gussie Button. Jack Thompson 


I 105] 

Hypatia is recognized as the highest honor which maj 
be conferred on young women at Howard College. Tap 
Daj for Hypatia is the first Wednesday in May each 
year, when it calls to its membership those young women 
of the Junior Class who have the highest general com- 
bination ot scholarship, character, leadership, and promise 
of future usefulness. 

( )fficers 

Emiu Catherine Hess President 

l \smi George Hurtt Vice-President 

Bi inchi Walls Secretary-Treasurei 

Ellen Ri ra [SBELi Historian 

[Catherine Walker Chaplain 

Virginia Lois Hess Monitor 


I miU Katherine Hess, Fannie George Hurtt, Blanche Walls, 
Ellen Ruth Isbell, Katherine Walker, Virginia Lois Hess. 


t 106] 

Trident is recognized as the highest honor that may be con- 
ferred on a young man at Howard College. The members 
of Trident are tapped from those Juniors who have maintained 
a high scholarship average in all their work and who are emi- 
nent in campus life by reason of college activities and the 
esteem in which they are held by faculty and students. The 
founders of Trident were aware that it would take more than 
ordinary ability to be active in the extra-curricular events of 
the college and, at the same time, maintain a high scholastic 
average. Its standards are high and those who attain it are 
eminently worthy of the honor. 


Charles Clark President 

Earl Wilson Vice-President 

Hal Bennett Secretary 

Lincoln' Newman Treasurer 


Charles Clark, Karl Wilson, Lincoln Newman, Ralph Field, 
Raymond Scroggins, Hal Bennett, Herman Sollie. 

T R I D 

N T 

Howell, Downs, Payne, Newman, Merclc, Hurtt. V. Hess 

1 H,->s. Waters, Oliver, Lucas, Smith, Cones, Isbcll 

Junkins, Powell, McKibbon, Davies, Krout, Morton, Houlditch, Weaver 

l'he purpose of the Young Women's Christian Association i- to asso 
ciate young women in personal loyalt) to Jesus Christ as Savior and 
Lord; to lead them into membership and service in the Christian char- 
acter and service through physical, social, menial and spiritual train- 
ing and t<> become a social force tor the extension of the kingdom of 
God. The month!) meetings are luncheons held at Ruhama Baptist 
Church, where outstanding leaders t>t Birmingham in their respective 
fields speak to the members. One of their prominent activities each 
year is the sponsoring of Maj Day. 

( )fficers 

Arminda Howeli President 

Mildred Downs Vice-President 

Marguerite Payni Secretary 

Ai. media Newman Treasurer 

Martha Merck Devotional (.htm man 

Fannie George Hurtt Chairman Freshmen Commission 

Air i Waters Publicity Chairman 


Arminda Howell, Mildred Downs, Marguerite Payne, Almedia New- 
man, Martha Merck, Fannie George Hunt, Alice Water-., Lynette 
Holland, Virginia Iles^, Jo Ann Gunn, Lucile Beavers, Mar} Nichols, 
Mar) Williamson, De l.acee White, I lien Ruth [sbell, Ruth Oliver, 
Ada Powell, Elizabeth Flolcomb, Jappie Bryant, Frankie Moody, Lydia 
llaistcn, Florrie Thompson, Evelyn Murphree, Edna Earle Clements, 
Helen Strickland, Eddie Merle Smith, Kathleen Cones, Jane Purser, 
Brunice Cain, Virginia Halbrooks, Verna Mae Mitchell, Margaret 
McClellan, Ann Weaver, June Ra\ Jones, Martha Swain, Jewel Ste- 
vens, Jane Dnran, Mar) Ellen Yancc>, Margaret Sue Denton, Gladys 
Allen, Frances Ray, Marion Cowden, Lorene Allsbrooks, Edna Ruth 
Gravette, Vivian Houlditch, Ernestine Lucas. 





[ 108] 

Moore. Armstrong, Weaver, Crowe, Hunter, Richardson, Black 
Bennett, L. Walker, Field, Scroggins, Anderton, Brunson, J. Walker, Stringfellc 

The Young Men's Christian Association endeavors to 
build character, spread Christianity and promote clean 
and wholesome fellowship among the men students. 
Built on a foursquare foundation, it attempts to train 
young men spiritually, mentally, physically and socially. 
The cabinet members are the leaders in carrying on this 



John Moore President 

Lewis Armstrong Vice-President 

William Weaver Secretary 

Richard Crowe Treasurer 

Thomas Hunter Chaplain 

J. W. Richardson Devotional Chair man 

Cabinet Members 

John Moore, Lewis Armstrong, William Weaver, Richard 
Crowe, Thomas Hunter, J. W. Richardson, John Otlio Black, 
Hal Bennett, La Fayette Walker, Ralph Field, Raymond Scrog- 
tfins, Lee Anderton, J. A. Thompson, Ralph Brunson, fared 
Walker, 1). C. Stringfellow. 


[ I09| 

Walker. Weaver, Miuhell, Moore. Griffin. Hurtt, Crowe 
lohnson, Hutchison, Wood, Howell, Newman, Pruitt 

The Baptist Student Union Council represents the larger 
organization of the Baptist Student Union. It is made 

up of representatives of the various religious organiza- 
tions on the campus, such as the Sunday School, Y. W. 
A., V. M. C. A., Y. W. C. A.. Ministerial Association, 
H. Y. 1'. U. and the Mission Hand. Its purpose is to 
correlate all campus religious activities into a unit. It 
is the connecting link between the college and the church. 

Faculty Sponsor 
Miss Mabel Willouchby 


Catherine Walker President 

W'ii 1 1 am Weaver Vice-President 

Fannie (Jeorge Hurtt Secretary 

RICHARD Crowe Treasurer 


(Catherine Walker, William Weaver, Verna Mae Mitchell, John 
Moore, Roscoe Griffin, Fannie George Hurtt, Richard Crowe, 
Cilady> Scott, Mary Frances Adams, (irad\ Hutchison, Jimmie 
Wood, Frances Johnson, Betty Manly Riddle, Charles Mullins, 
Arminda Howell, Lincoln Newman, Archie l'mitt. 


l 110] 


Lincoln Newman President 

Roscoe Griffin Vice-President 

William Weaver Secretary 

Thomas Hunter Treasurer 

Charles Mullins Chorister 


Carroll McCain, J. W. Campbell, Porter Harrison, John Moore, 
Murray Day, Tom Chandler, Clyde Harless, Ruie Hendon, Sam 
Brown, Girtis Campbell, John Black, Amos Ledbetter, George 
Uowd, Hal Bennett, R. F. Hallford, Raymond Scroggins, La- 
Fayette Walker, Grady Hutchinson, Lee Anderton, Roscoe 
Ciriftin, B. C. Wilcutt, Robert Scogin, Charles Hundley, W. A. 
Lane, William Weaver, Richard Crowe, Jared Walker, I). ('. 
Stringfellow, Carlos Radford, Leon Riddle, Lewis Armstrong, 
Gordon Berry, Fred Thrash, Sam Granade, Edward Stewart, 
Lincoln Newman, Carroll Carter, Ralph Field, Richard Hudson, 
P. B. Moore, Horace Kendrick, James Allen Ruff, J. W. Rich- 
ardson, I.. N. Claxton, Tom Hunter, Arthur Haves, Roj Fincher, 
Pierce McGuire, Dudlej Prickett, Eros Langston, Elmer Brun- 
son, Homer Bagley. 



Hum Walls, Borland, Carlisle, V H.s, 
Downs, Haisren, Petersen, f* 

Beta Pi Theta, national honorary French fraternity, has 
the purpose <>t organizing representative men and women 
who will, by their interest in things cultural, further 
the study ot French literature, art, and music. Mem 
bership is limited to upperclassmen who have a general 
scholarship record above the average, whose work in 
French has been excellent, and who have attained some 
distinction in student activities. 


I wsiF George Hurti President 

Bi VNCHI \V\us Vice-President 

Lynetti Borland Secretary 


Fannie George Hunt, Lynette Borland, Blanche Walls, Winni- 

trt-d Petersen, Marion Headley, Robert Wade, Virginia Hess, 

Joe Healey, Lydia Haistens, Mildred Downs, Kathryn Carlisle, 

1 i nestine Lucas 




Davie, Dombrow, Reznik, Thompson, Beverett 
Yeager, Schwantes, Burtcn, Ford, King, Hopkins 

The Economics Club is a newly organized club at How- 
ard. The purpose of this organization is to promote 
and supervise research into questions of economic im- 
portance, to acquaint students in theoretical economics 
with actual business practices, encourage better scholar- 
ship among Economic Majors, and foster friendly social 
relationships. The meetings are of the "panel forum" 
type, where results of individual research on assigned 
subjects are discussed. Membership into this club is open 
to those students who are majoring in Economics and 
maintain a high scholastic record. 


Robert Davie President 

Israel Dombrow Vice-President 

Joe Reznik Secretary-Treasurer 


Robert Davie, Israel Dombrow, Joe Reznik, Jack Thompson, 

Jack Beverett, Ray Yeager, Walter Schwantes, Leonard Burton, 

Cletua Ford, Cecil Kin«, Harlej Hopkins, Leroy Mayrickl. 


I 113 ] 

The Masquers constitute the dramatic talent of the col- 
lege, though officially the\ are members of the experi- 
mental division of the Dramatic Arts Department. \ 
number of plays are presented each session to which 
outsiders as well as students are invited. Membership 
i- limited to those who have participated in productions 
of the Dramatic Department. 


Margarei Burford President 

Jack KELSER I'ice-PresiJ, m 

Mildred Lawrence Secretary 

Ruth Oliver Treasurer 

Henri Anderton Business Manager 


Margaret Burlord, Jack Kelver, Mildred Lawrence, Ruth Oliver, 
Jen Hen Renfroe, Jared Walker, Cecil King, Elizabeth I ):i\ i-. 
Henry Anderton, Jeanne Martin, Samuel Burtord, Rod Well 
Calhoun, Sybil Mallicoat, Lydia Haisten, Robbie Owings, Sue 
Millirons, Lynette Borland, William Weaver, Ralph Field, Jean 
Claytor, Jappie Bryant, Lorenzo Reeves, 


114 I 

Oe Lorme, Odom, Ory, Clark, Swindal 
Taylor, Sazera, White, Phillips, Spier 

Alpha Beta Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta was 
founded at Howard College on May 5, 1927, and is a 
national pre-medical honorary fraternity. It encourages 
excellence in pre-medical work and bridges the gap be- 
tween the spirit of pre-medical school and the advanced 
school of medicine. Speakers, noted in the field of medi- 
cine, speak to the group during the year; also field trips 
to hospitals are taken. 

Faculty Members 

Professor Paul D. Bales Dr. J. L. Brakefield 

Dr. W. F. Abercrombie 

Faculty Advisor 
Dr. W. F. Abercrombie 


Corlev Odom President 

Grady \V. Phillips Vice-President 

MARTHA ' Secretary 

Edwin Ory Treasurer 

Bonnie Sazera Historian 


Lanier de Lorme, Corlev Odom, Edwin Ory, Charles Clark, 

Vera Swindal, Martha Taylor, Bonnie Sazera, DeLacee While, 

Grad) Phillips, Robert Spier, John Present t. 


[ 115 J 

V. Hcu, Huftt. Peteracn, lunkena 

Doran, I Ho-. Halbrooks. Walk 

Booklovers Club was founded at I low arc! College in 1927 and 
has as its sponsor Mi^ Annie Boyett rhe purpose of the club 
i- to stimulate greater literar) activity on the campus, and to 
afford students active participation in !><><>k reviewing. Any 

girl who attends the meetings which are held twice monthly 
and shews an interest in the club ma) become a member. 


Virginia Hess President 

Fannie George Hikii Vice-President 

WlNNEFRED PETERSEN Membership Chairman 

Martha Junkens Secretary 

JANI DORAN Treasurer 

Emii.v HESS Parliamentarian 

VIRGINIA Hai. brooks Historian 

Bi VNCHE Walls Reporter 


Ruth Roberts, Margaret McClellan, Marguerite Payne, Virginia 
II." Evelyn Murphree, Emily Hess, Mar) Dunlap, Alice 
Waters, Virginia Halbrooks, Bertha Nel Mason, Martha Swain, 
Abilene Knight, I.ucile Beavers, Helen Sharbutt, Anne Scan- 
nelly, Margaret Eakins, Lydia Haisten, Blanche Walls, Helen 
Strickland, Martha Junkens, Ann Weaver, Jewell Stevens, Hilda 
Adams, Mar) Williamson, Nina Thornton, Mar) Nichols, Al- 
uiedia Newman, Andres Welch, Edna Ruth (iravcttc, Jane 
Doran, Arminda Unwell. 


I 116) 

Cofield, Thomason, VC'orsham, R. K. Smith, Hopper, Jacobs 
Wadsworth, Clements, McKinney, Martin, Garrett, M. Smith 
Elliott, Burdick, Alsbrooks, Hendrix, Hollingsworth, Krout 

The purpose of this group is that of promoting interest 
in food and nutrition, as well as developing well rounded 
personalities and building a solid foundational knowledge 
of service to humanity. Throughout the year the club 
invites many outstanding speakers to aid in its monthly 
programs. Only members of the Dietetics Department 
are eligible for membership in this club. 

Faculty Advisor 

Miss Elizabeth Slater 


Sara Cofield President 

Maude Krout Vice-President 

Rubv Katherine Smith Secretary 

Elta Worsiiam Treasurer 

Rosalie Sullivan Publicity 


Sara Cofield, Maude Krout, Rubj Katherine Smith, Elta Wor- 
sham, Rosalie Sullivan, Man Thomason, Bobbie Hopper, Bett) 
Jacobs, Frances Wardsworth, Edna Earl Clements, Katie Lee 
McKinney, Doroth) Martin, Pauline Garrett, Marguerite Smith, 
Marj Lee Elliott, Marj George Walthall, Bettj .Ann Burdick, 
Lorene AllsbrooU, Evelyn Hendrix, Louise Hollingsworth. 


I 117 J 

Offici rs 

I 11/ Mill II All Hb 

Prt udent 

|h\m M \kiis 
/ ia -President 

J UM'lt Hm \S I 

2nd / ;. i President 

( \l IIR\ S Ml KlRHON 



/ r, asuri ' 
M mm i ini Wood 

R, [""t<r 

\ii<- .\i m\ row m< 

S f'ansor 

M I M It I Rs 

Winnifred I'd' i 
veil, Elizabeth Ad - 
am-. Jappie Bryant, 
Bette Jane Cooper, 
Margaret Fancher, 
Minnie Gene (iro- 
gan, Frances Ho- 
gan, Mar> rlazen, 
Mar) Alice Love, 
Ralph Mackay, 
K;iihr> n McKib- 
bon, Jeanne Mar- 
tin, Elizabeth Mor- 
ton, Lucille M<- 
Griff, Eloise Day, 
Mildred Thompson 
Adam-, Eleanor 
Sullivan, Louise 
rhompson, Made- 
line Wood, Lee An- 
derton, L) nette Bor- 
land, Mary Caro- 
lyn Martin, Mar- 
garet McClellan, 
John Black, John 
Moore, \'era Swin- 
dle, Arminda How- 


Gladys Scott, Ann Weaver, Mary Frances Adams, 
Eddie Merle Smith, Olivia Philabert, Mildred Downs, 
Ada Powell, Cleo Lambert, Verna Mae Mitchell, Mar- 
ion Cowden, Mary Armstrong, Pauline Garrett, Mary 
Frances Vaughn, Fay Crowder, Ernestine Standifer, 
Olive Posey, Millie Mates, Marguerite Payne, Gwendo- 
lyn Griffith. 


George Dowd, 1). C. Stringfellow, Hal Bennett, Ralph 
Field, Ira Girnn, Frank Hall, John Moore, P. M. Moore, 
Carlos Radford, Archie Pruitt, Roscoe Griffin, Thomas 
Hunter, Grady Hutchinson, William Weaver, Richard 
Crowe, Porter Harrison, Roscoe Goldsmith, Fred Thrash, 
Leon Riddle, Gussie Burton, Robert Scogin. 



The Women's Student Government is composed of the 

presidents <>t all the women's organizations on the cam- 
pus. 1 hej meet at regular intervals and decide upon 
problems confronting various women's groups, in addition 
to sponsoring programs of a cultural nature for the entire 
contingent of young women on the campus. 



Mildred Lawrence rice-President 

Marcueriti Payne Secretary-Treasurer 

Memri i<s 

I'm h. ma Tkrk> Dormitory Council 

Arminda Howeli Y. W. < . I 

DOROTH1 LOCKETl ///>//« Delta Pi 

El IZABETH Hoi comb phi Mu 

Gladys Allen Delta '/.eta 

Beatrice Davies Beta Sigma Omicron 

Elizabeth Morton Upha Delta Theta 

Emily Hess Hypatia 

SARA COFIELD Dietetics Club 

• Ri in Isnn i W. A. A. 

Virginia Hess Rnoklovers Club 

Loonev BENTLBY Pan-Hellenic 


[ 120) 

Anderton, Bennett. Burford. Clark, Field 
Hodges, Howell, Isbell, Scroggins, Vi'alker, Walls 

The idea of creating one national basis of recognition for 
students, devoid of politics, initiation fees, and dues was 
conceived over five years ago. Thus Who's Who 
Among Students In American Universities and Colleges 
came about. Published annually is a compilation of 
biographies of the outstanding students in America. Only 
juniors, seniors and students in advanced work are se- 
lected. The purpose of Who's Who is to serve: as an 
incentive for students to get most out of their college 
careers, as a means of compensation to students for what 
they have already done, as a recommendation to the 
business world, and as a standard of measurement for 
students comparable to such agencies as Phi Beta Kappa 
and the Rhodes Scholarship Award. To be included in 
Who's Who, a student must have a combination of qual- 
ities to indicate that he is an asset to his school. The 
qualities are: Character, Leadership, Scholarship, and 
Potentialities of future usefulness to business and society. 

llenr> Anderton, Hal Bennett, Margaret, Charles Clark, 
Ralph Field, Herman Hodges, Arminda Howell, Ellen Ruth 
Isbell, Raymond Scroggins, Katherine Walker, Blanche Walls, 

Karl Wilson. 

Who's Who Among Students In 
American Universities and Colleges 

Pair, Groff. Carlisle, Culver, Jacks 
Fadely, Warren, W. Thomas, Snow, Chester 
E. Thomas, Bell, Wood, H. Johnson, Shores 
Ketlum, J. Jordan, Cowpill. Meyer. Parker 
Collins, Pope, Ballard, Harris, Cobb, Tucker 

[ 122] 

k a p p a 

P S I 

The Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity was founded at the Medical College of 
Virginia, School of Pharmacy in 1879, and is the oldest of all fraternities in the 
field of Pharmacy. It strictly limits its membership to students and graduates of 
recognized pharmacy schools. Its purposes are to foster good fellowship and brother- 
hood, to encourage and support research in the various branches of pharmaceutical 
endeavor. Its members are selected largely on the basis of acceptable scholarship. 

Faculty Members 

Dr. A. R. Bliss, Jr. 
Grand Secretary-Treasurer 

Dr. A. H. Olive 


La Fawn Pair Regent 

George Groff Vice Regent 

Homer Carlisle Secretary 

Averyt Jacks Treasurer 


La Fawn Fair 
Georce Groff 
Homer Carlisle 
Av eryt Jacks 
L W. I \ 
(harms Griffith 
John Warren 
Wii 1 1 am Thomas 

Robert Snow 
James L. Vance 
Roriri Chester 

II. I'iiomas 
William Bell 
Billy Wood 
II \r\ ey Johnson 
John M. Shores 
Mason Kellum 
Aihri \ Mh i i k 
Joe Jordan 
George Cowgill 
Zoli ie Cowart 
T. S. Quai.i.s 

Eugene Meyer 
Leonard Parker 
Woodrow Culver 
Bill Pfaff 
Wii i ard COI LINS 
\\ '\ ITT Pope 
Sidni \ Bali ard 
John F. Harris 
Henry Cobb 
John I i i k 

i ' \i Jones 
Francis Tuckik 

t 123] 

Cowgill, Pope, Kellum, King 
Olliphant, Calhoun, Nolen, Janicki 


George Cowgili President 

Wyatt Pope Vice-President 

\ vson Kellum Secretary 

CECIL KlNG Treasure 



Cecil King, Jack Olliphant Sigma Nu 

Wyatt Pope, Edward Nolen Pi Kappa Phi 

Rodwell Calhoun, Aubrey Miller Pi Kappa Alpha 

\ \so\ Kelli m. Edwin Janicki Theta Kappa Nu 




Anderton, Clark, H.mi- 

Davie, Kin*;, Walker 

H. Meadow., Mullms 
Olliphant, Pattv 

Williams, Hogan 
L. Meadows, I 






Ch vrles Clark President 

Robert Davie Vice-President 

Raymond I'un Secretary 

Cecil King Treasurer 



N U 

Sigma Nu was founded at V. M. I. in 1869. In 1879 Iota Chapter was estab- 
lished. The fraternity colors are gold, black, and white. The flower is the white 
rose and the publication "The Delta." 

Faculty Members 
Josiah I). Bancroft William H. Bancroft 

Oscar S. Causey 

Class of 1939 
Henry Andertox . Birmingham, Alabama John Harris . . . Montgomery, Alabama 

Charles Clark . . . Wetumpka, Alabama Jack Thompson . . Gardendale, Alabama 

Robert Davie 
Jack Kei.ser 

Class of 1940 
West Blocton, Alabama Cecil King . . 

Birmingham, Alabama Jered Walker 

Birmingham, Alabama 
Montgomery, Alabama 

Gordon Berry 
William Gwin 
Ben Mi vdows 
Fred Mi llins 

Class of 1941 

Birmingham, Alabama Jack OLLIPHANT 

. Bessemer, Alabama Charles Owe.v . 

. . Harlington, Texas Raymond Patty 

. . Helena, Alabama Ralph Williams 

Jacksonville, Florida 
Birmingham, Alabama 

. Anderson, Indiana 
New Castle, Alabama 

Class of 1942 

Marshall Hogan Birmingham, Alabama 

Lamar Meadows • . . Harlington, Texas 

Edgar Prince Birmingham, Alabama 

Clellie Wilborn Birmingham, Alabama 

£ 127] 



Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Virginia March 1, 1868. Alpha 

Pi Chapter was established in 1911. The fraternity colors are garnet and old 

gold and the flower is the lily-of-the-valley. "Dream Girl of Pi K. A." is the 

song. The fraternity publication is called "The Shield and Diamond." 

Facl ltv Mem HERS 

Roy K. Fayet 
Dr. R. J. Taylor 

L. W. Fadely . . 
Charles Griffith 
Joseph Jordan . 

Class of 1939 
Birmingham, Alabama Seward Kerr . 

Tarrant, Alabama Qi alls Myers 

. . Mobile, Alabama Dave Telford 

. Piedmont, Alabama 

Livingston, Tennessee 

Scottsboro, Alabama 

George Cowgill 
Fred Deitz . . 
Joe Gomperts . 
George Groff . 

Class of 1940 
Birmingham, Alabama Beverley Hollis 

. . . Leeds, Alabama Aubrey Miller 

Birmingham, Alabama Percy Smith . . 

. . Mobile, Alabama Hilly Wood . . 

. . Winfield, Alabama 

. . Leeds, Alabama 

Birmingham, Alabama 

Birmingham, Alabama 

Class of 1941 
Rodwell Calhoun . Birmingham, Alabama Tom Ogle . . . 

LEROY VaNCE . . . Carrollton, Alabama 

Birmingham, Alabama 

Class of 1942 

Woodrow Culver ...... Hartselle, Alabama 

Jethro Kveritt Birmingham, Alabama 

Frank Haynes Hodges, Alabama 

Ralph Mackey • . Center, Alabama 

Eugene Meyer ... Mobile, Alabama 

Grady Phillips Birmingham, Alabama 

Oather Pi i \i w Birmingham, Alabama 

Robert Snow Birmingham, Alabama 

Oil ii Umphrey Birmingham, Alabama 

[ 129] 

K't Hum Thomas. Ballard 

Bell, Chester, Janicki 

Butt . Ingram 
A. Johnson 

HI ' '■ . erson 


\ vson Kii.i.i m President 

William Beli Vice-President 

Edwin Janicki Secretary 

Sidney Ballard Treasurer 


THETfl KflPPfl NU 

The local chapter is one of the founding chapters, being organized here in 1919. 

It was nationalized in 1924. The fraternity colors are black, crimson and silver, 

and the flower is the white rose. The publication is the "Theta News." 

Faculty Member 
John Rogers 

Class of 1939 
Howard Chojnowski . Birmingham, Ala. Nason Kellum 

William Thomas . Scottsboro, Alabama 

. Shaw, Mississippi 

Sidney Ballard . 
William Bell 

Class of 1940 
Stevenson, Alabama Robert Chester 

Townley, Alabama 
John Shores . . 

Edwin Janicki 

Carbon Hill, Alabama 

Bemis, Tennessee 

Cleveland, Ohio 

James Burt . 
Bowlin Cox . . 
Dennis Ingram 

Class of 1941 
Birmingham, Alabama ANARD Johnson .... Chicago, Illinois 

. Springville, Alabama Harvey Johnson . . . Chicago, Illinois 

. Ashland, Alabama Elliott Meyerson . New York, New York 

Forney Reese . . Birmingham, Alabama 

Class of 1942 

( rEORGE Morrison Birmingham, Alabama 

Frank Russell Bessemer, Alabama 

Eugene Watson Birmingham, Alabama 

I in I 

Nolen. Thomas, Healey 
HiKon, Pope 

Carroll, Cobb, Collins 
Franks, Hall 

I jrham, Lincoln. WYIU 
York. Barrenschlag 

Clayton. Coe, D-vis 

Jordan. McCain. 





Pi Kappa Phi was founded at the College of Charleston in 1904. Alpha Eta 

Chapter was established in 1925. The fraternity colors are gold and white and 

the flower a red rose. The publication is "The Star and Lamp." 

Dr. T. V. Nkal 

Faculty Members 

Dr. W. E. Prescott, Jr. 

Ed Nolen 

Class of 1939 
Alexander City, Alabama Edgar Thomas . . Tuscumbia, Alabama 

Class of 1940 

Joe Healey . . . Birmingham, Alabama Loi is HlLSON . . 

Wyatt Pope .... Brantley, Alabama 

Dothan. Alabama 

Marvik Carroll 
Henry Cobb . . 
Willari) Collins 
Marrell Franks 

Class of 1941 

Birmingham, Alabama 
Greensboro, Alabama 
Guntersville, Alabama 
. . Ashland, Alabama 

Frank Hali Lincoln, Alabama 

John Latham . . New Market, Alabama 
ROLLIN Lincoln . . Franklin Park. Illinois 
Wayne Wells .... Ashford, Alabama 

Aaron York Empire, Alabama 

Class of 1942 

Bob Battenschlag Casper, Wyoming 

Carroll Clayton Bellamy, Alabama 

David Coe Birmingham, Alabama 

Ernest Davis Birmingham, Alabama 

Ira GuNN Alexander City, Alabama 

Tom Jordan Guntersville, Alabama 

GROVER McCain Notasulga, Alabama 

George Newman Guntersville, Alabama 

Francis Tucker Cam]) Hill, Alabama 

[ 133] 

Bentley, Murphrcc. McKihhon, Macon, I.ockett 
Olivei , Morton, Davics, Allen, Holcomb 

Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Delta Theta, Beta Sigma Omicron, Delta Zeta, and Phi 
Mu, are the five national sororities at Howard College. They lend gaiety to the social 
life of the institution, and offer a special phase of college life to the women who 
enter upon this campus. These lovely cottages add to the beauty of the Howard 


( Hikers 

Loon ei Kfmim President 

Evelyn Murphree Vice-Preiident 


I ask i Macon Treasurer 

D0R0TH1 LOCK En Reporter 


Dorothy Lockett, Ri 111 Oliver llp/ia Delta Pi 

Elizabeth Morton, Janici Macon llp/ia Delta Theta 

Beatrici Davies, CATHRYN McKlBBON Beta Sigma Omicron 

Gladys Allen, Loonei Bentlei Delta Zeta 

Elizabeth IIoi.comb Phi Mu 


t 134] 


loclcett, Davis, O-vingi 

Oliver, J- Martin 
G. Jacobs, McConn II 

Barnes, Mason 
R L. Martin. White 

Blanton. Crowd"! 
B Jacobs. D. Martin 

Sharp. VC'ood, Mo nson 



Dorothy I.ockftt . . . . ■ Presitlmi 

Elizabeth Davis Vice-President 

Kokrif Owings Recording Secretary 

Ri Tii Oliver . . . . • Corresponding Secretary 

J] \\\i Martin Treasurer 

[ 136] 


Alpha Delta Pi Sorority was founded at Wesleyan College on May 15, 1851. 
Kappa Chapter was founded at Howard College in 1919. The Sorority colors are 
blue and white and the flower is the violet. The publication of Alpha Delta Pi 

is the "Adelphean." 

Geneva Jacobs 
Dorothy Lockett 

Class of 1939 

Mary George Walthall 
Louise McConnell 

Elizabeth Davis 
Jeanne Martin 

Class of 1940 

Ruth Oliver 
Robbie O wings 

Edna Earle Barnes 
Barbara Mason- 

Class of 1941 

Rose Lore n a Martin 
Louise DeLacee White 

Sue Blanton 
Fay Crowder 
Betty Jacobs 

Class of 1942 

M vdeline Wood 

Martha Morrison 
Dorothy Martin- 
Rosemary Sharp 

( IJ7 I 

Allen, Hogan. Downs 

Vines, Mai one, Bentley 


Outlaw. Elliott, Brown 

Yaughn, Bryant, Gatlin 





Gladys Allen President 

Frances Hogan Vice-President 

Mildred Downs Recording Secretary 

.\i>\ Poweli Corresponding Secretary 

M \m I.i i Vines . . ■ Treasurei 



Delta Zeta Sorority was founded at Miami University in 1902. Alpha Pi Chapter 
was founded at Howard College in 1924. The sorority colors are old rose and 
vieux green and the flower is the Killarney rose. The publication of Delta Zeta 

is "The Lamp." 


Class of 1939 

Mary Malone 

Class of 1940 

Gladys Allen 
L\ nette Borland 
Mildred Downs 
Mary Lbe Elliott 
Marion Headley 

Fr \nces Hog an- 

Mary Catherine Outlaw 
Ada Powell 
Fr wci:s Ray 

Joyce Brow n 
Jappie Bryant 


An n ( i VTLIN 

Class of 1941 


I \ni Purser 

M \ry Frances \" \i ens 

M \m l.i i Vines 

Class of 1942 


M \m Lewis 

Hokomh. Waten 



Muiphrrc. Haiaten 



Anderson, Bell. 



Ofmmrnts. Hair 



I lizabeth Holco.mb President 

Alice Waters First Vice-President 

Frances Johnson Second Via President 

Mildred Lawrence Secretary 

Evelyn Mi rphree Treasurer 

I 140 I 


Phi Mu Sorority was founded at Wesleyan College, March 4, 1852. Alpha Gamma 
Chapter was founded at Howard College in 1924. The sorority colors are rose 
and white, and its flower is the Enchantress carnation. The publication of Phi Mu 

is the "Aglaia." 

Class of 1939 
Fr vnces Johnson 

Class of 1940 

I.YIMA Haisten 
Elizabeth Holcomb 
Mii.drri) Lawrence 

Evelyn Murphree 
Nina Thornton 
Alice Waters 

Class of 1941 

Elizabeth Adams Corrie Anderson 

s \r \ cofield 

Class of 1942 

Dorothy Bell 

Edn \ Earle Clemments 

Mar in \ Flin \ 

C VTHERINE ( iRIll I I'll 

Edith Hali 

I 1 1 I IN Strickl vnd 

1 HI j 

Morton, Dunlap 

I an trip, Macon, Burton 

Wood . KrouC . Echols 

Trammel 1 , Ward 


Elizabeth Morton President 

M \ry Dunlap Vice-President 

M \m Lantrip Secretary 

J wit i Macon • • • Treasurer 

{',[ ssn Bl rton Chaplain 

[ M 



Alpha Delta Theta was founded at Transylvania College in 1910. Pi Chapter was 
founded at Howard in 1929. The colors of the sorority are turquoise blue, silver, 
and scarlet, and the flower is the sweet pea. The publication of Alpha Delta Theta 

is "Portals." 

Class of 1939 
Maude Krout Esther Jane Wood 

Class of 1940 

(iissii; Burton Jan-ice Macon 

Elizabeth Morton 

Class of 1941 
Mary D\ nlap Mary Lantrip 

Class of 1942 

Martha Echols Dorothy Trammell 

Lavinia W \kd 

Davies, Roberts 



MiKihhon, Carlisle 

( lowden 


Floyd, Griffith, Nelson 
M< Kinney 

Wishart, Borland, Brown 

1 ikina, McNefi 


WT/ \W?XL . ( ■■■! 


Beatrice I) whs • President 

Ruth Roberts Vice-President 

Wilodene Stephens Recording Secretary 

Abilene Knight Corresponding Secretary 

Cathryn McKibbon Treasurer 


Beta Sigma Omicron Sorority was founded at the University of Missouri, December 

12, 1888. Beta Beta Chapter was founded at Howard College in 1933. The sorority 

colors are pink and ruby, and the flowers are Richmond and Killarney roses. 

The publication of Beta Sigma Omicron is the "Urn." 

Class of 1939 
Everette Craig 

Kathryn Carlisle 
Marian Cowden 
Rowena Craig 

Class of 1940 

Beatrice Davies 
Maxie Floyd 
Cathryn McKibbon 

Class of 1941 

Faye Connell 

( rWENDOLYN ( ikil I ITII 

Abilene Knight 
Katie Lee McKinney 

Ouida Nelson 
Wilodene Stephens 
Ruth Roberts 
Mary Emily Wishart 

Leila Mae Borland 
Bernice Brown 
Virginia Caldwell 

Class of 1942 


E\ 1 1 a \ McNefi 

Ir vnces W VDSWORTH 

I 145 I 

i. Howard's "Heroes" "ff the gridiron. 2. Some "II" 
Club members in an unusual pose. 3. Howard mu- 
ih -lit-- watching the Panthers how t<> the Bulldogs. 
4. Dietitians in the making. 5. Schenker, Hopkins, 
and Crawford putting on an act. 6. Wayne Dowdj 
and Ellen Ruth [sbell stop for ;i pose. 7. Hie wish 
was granted, s. Bruce Little. 9. Olive Posej musl be 
tickled. 10. Lillian rates another picture. 11. Thi lati 
beloved Or. Dawson and some "I his favorites. 12 
Another float. 13. Some oi the varsit) step in with 
the frosh. 14. Oui, Oui Monsieur Acton. 15. B. S. O. 
float 16. Pi. K. Phi. at Southern. 17. Grad) Hutch- 

inson, Ed. Strickland waiting tor a customer. iS. Bill 

look around. Ruin (Catherine is about to catch up with 
you. 19. Charlie has lined them up, now you nam? 
them. 20. We were once freshman, too, so you have 
something to look forward to. 21. Two buddies, "Pug" 
Richards and I'd. Strickland. 22. Three popular 
freshmen pose for their friends. 2?. A nice looking 
picture Strick, but we doubt that you (punch your 
thirst. 24. A. I). I'i. float. 25. Prof, de l.aunav post s 
with his music class, Joe (iann, Arminda Howell. 
Margaret Sue Denton and Marion Headly. 

I Mh 

i. 1:1 Sin;kliud ind Alfred liuimi ^nc instructions 
for the '38 class sidewalk which the class '39 enjoyed 
for one year. 2. Sam Brown rates as Prof, for two 
honor students, Rose Watkins and Brunice Cain. 3. 
I'll mill you in "Main." 4. Souk- Pi K Phi's taking 
it easy. 5. Eva James Loveless trying to read the 
Crimson on the way to the Science Hall. 6. Dietitian 
Marguerite Smith takes a rest. 7. A view oi Main 
during campaign week. X. Ralph Field and Merlin 
Boswell at the hall game. '). Ed. and Nina resting 
after a long hike. 10. Mary Armstrong waiting to 
go tn Howard. 11. Pi Kappa Phi alter a delightful 
swim. 12. Mrs. Hamrick and Mrs. Embry. 13. Ed. 
Strickland and Bruce little. 14. Good-bye, Wilena, 

hnrrv hack. 1^. Kathleen Cones looks \er\ comfort- 
able, it she doesn't tall. |6. little, Moore, (iann, 
Hammond, Seigler, Stone take a cut. 17. Max Daj 
at Howard. iS. Nina and Alice pose alter Strolling 
around. i<;. Charles Clark in the parade. 20. .\u\ 
lord Watkins, Kenneth Morgan, Gordon Golson, and 
Jack Moore just attei "II" Club initiation. 21. Dieti- 
tians rate this page, Saia Corield, Pita Worsham, Rub) 
[Catherine Smith, Mar) rhomason, I orene Allhrooks, 
Bobb} Hopper, Mar\ George Walthall, Maude Ki tut. 
22. I'.siki Nous float in the Howard Southern parade. 
2;. "Barney" Brock iust alter a workout. 24. "Have 

a heart" A. I D. Moat. 2s. 'Main," the he. ill ol 

I 147] 


oAlma 3Aater 

Oh. Howard. Alma Mater true, 

I love thy glorious name, deserving every honor due 

I o an unsullied fame. 

I'll love thee through each fleeting breath 

tor all that thou has done. 

And in the agonies of death 

He still thy loving son. 

Oh, Alma Mater, dear, thy life 

A treasure is to me: 

Thou. Phoenix fair, through flames and strife. 

Hast shown thy right to be. 

Since poverty has made thee rich 

And struggle made thee strong. 

I view thee in thy self-made niche. 
And burst to filial song. 

Oh. parent true, the future fair 

Must hold but good for thee. 

tor hope's fruition waits thee there 

In blest reality. 

And sons like thine will make thee shine 

II ith glory all thine own. 

And bring to thy maternal shrine 
Not gifts of gold alone. 

Words by Pk. c. w. Macon, 'i\. 

Musit by Prof. Paw de Lai way. 

A Sermon in a Seed 

When that small seed within the ground. 

Looks up at natures call and says, I will." 

Then pushes upward, darkness all around. 

It shows poor human souls. 

How God can say. "My child. 

Look up, and grow, and learn of me." 

Then when the human soul can say. I will." 
It too looks up through darkness all around. 
And grows — and learns. 

By Hal Bennett. 

[ 148 1 

'Death on Yesterday 

And I saw Death on yesterday; 

It was not then a dreadful thing. 
Quietly IT came within 

And straightway was without again. 
The surgeon could not hold the Life, 

The Life itself seemed want to go. 
The interne saw the breathing — slow, 

Then looked again and it was gone. 

The surgeon made the cut; 
A clean, a beautiful gash, 
And on each side, the fat 
Laid bare, shown red gold 
Quivering there. 

And I saw Life come back anew; 

Come pleading, in the form to stay, 
And white robed nurses moved 

Softly and quickly. 
Death to them was old. 

The sleep giver made the form to sleep; 
From this sleep would it never wake again 

For Death, determined, had entered in. 

That form, that lump below, 

Is still a human form — 

That gash — those layers quivering, 

Then lying strangely without motion. 

And I saw Death on yesterday. 

It seemed indeed a quiet thing — 
A breathing, then — no beat. 

No breathing coming yet again. 

By Martha Taylor, c'40. 




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